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January, 2007 Vol.5 No.1
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Thomas Tomczyk was born in an industrial town of Lodz, Poland. He has a BA in architecture, MA in journalism and an idea for PhD in comparative religion studies. He speaks five languages, he's a boxer and has never been on a roller coaster ride. "One good deed a day," motto wakes him up in the morning. For more details to his past go to

Managing Editor & Publisher

Jaime Johnston

Writer / Reporter


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Magdalyn Weaver, a native to Pennsylvania, graduated from Kutztown University and thus began her exodus from the States. One trip to the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean set the pace for a life of adventure. She has lived and worked in the British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and now the Bay Islands. She is dedicated to making her life a permanent vacation.

Graphic Designer
mission statement
Bay Islands Voice will serve as a venue for growth and strengthening of the Roatan, Utila & Guanaja communities. We will strive to promote a positive image of the Bay Islands, and at the same time report on issues that concern local population. We will make all efforts to provide a dependable venue for good journalism and exchange ideas that would improve human condition on the Islands.
We will report on the culture, news, spiritual life, sports, education, business and provide useful and accurate information to the best of our abilities. VOICE will provide a venue for expression of ideas, encourage community programs and show alternatives to Roatan's, Utila's and Guanaja's youth. We will develop and promote a variety of journalistic skills and knowledge among Bay Islanders through our work, example and internship programs.
Bay Islands Voice will make all efforts to improve understanding and build confidence in the life on the Islands. We will help in developing a sense of pride among our community and encourage investment. Even though we are starting up as humble black and white English language publication we will look for ways of including Spanish and Italian writing in the future color pages of our publication.


We will make mistakes and we will never be perfect, but we promise to improve with time and respond to your comments. We ask for your understanding as we will face inevitable problems of keeping deadlines, making editing choices, dealing with printing issues and bowing to acts of God.
The success of this publication should go hand in hand with the success of this community. We ask for your support through readership, advertising and contribution of ideas as we embark on this journey.
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