Where are Our Friends?

October 1st, 2009
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v7-10-Our IslandsOn June 28 of this year, the disorderly conduct of the Honduran head of state was interrupted by orders of the powers that be. The reigning president Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales was deposed and in his place the National Congress nominated (by order of succession) Roberto Michelleti Bain the president of congress. On the day following the soft coup-d’├ętat, things began to go wrong for all the people of Honduras. Every nation in the world condemned us without a trial and threatened the new government. Until this date, almost three months later, the new government is not recognized as the legitimate government of Honduras. Not one of those nations bothered to send investigators or observers to this country to try to get down to the root causes that prompted the Supreme Court and the National Congress to replace Mr. Manuel Zelaya.

Mr. Zelaya’s failure to get his own candidate appointed to presidency of the Supreme Court was the beginning of the whole fracas. He used every trick and every threat in the book to have his candidate approved, but his efforts were in vain. Had he succeeded there would have been no legal way to stop him from defrauding the people and nominating himself king of Honduras. He would have reigned until Mr. Chavez decided to change him. Of all the countries that are now chastising us, the United States is the most important to us because of our long dependency on our trade with the United States. The United States of America has been the champion and the sword wielder of democracy since it became a nation so many years ago. However, in the case of Honduras the new liberal president Obama turned his back on the people of Honduras and aligned himself with disciples of the Castro’s and the son of the devil himself, Hugo Chavez.

Mr. Obama in a speech to the Russian people stated that it was not the concern of the American people who ran a country and it was most certainly not their business to dictate policy to any nation. Mr Obama must have flunked history because had he not flunked he would have known these answers when asked: Who ran the Spanish out of Cuba and the Colombians out of Panama? Who was it that placed the Somoza’s in Nicaragua? Who overthrew Arbenz in Guatemala? Why did so many Americans fight and die to get rid of Adolph Hitler in Germany, Sadam Husssein in Iraq, and the Taliban in Afghanistan? He would have known that it was Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then a sub-secretary of the US Navy, who wrote the constitution of the independent republic of Haiti. How much more involved in a country’s affairs can you get? The Americans have fought dozens of wars to preserve democracy and the Honduran people were saving them the trouble of having to fight another one. We took it upon ourselves to nip in the bud Mr Zelaya’s move to convert Honduras into a leftist, socialist or totalitarian country.

Where are our friends? The last thing we expected was for the United States to turn against us. After all, it was Honduras that helped them fight communism in Guatemala and later in Nicaragua. Honduras is their second biggest partner in their fight against drug trafficking. It should be remembered that it is the United States that has a huge drug problem and every kilo of drugs captured and destroyed by the authorities of this country is another kilo that will not be sold on the streets of Washington or New York.

It is not too late for the United States to help us. It seems like every day things are getting worse in this country with curfews and rampant gangs of looters and delinquents. I guess Honduras is no longer important to the United States since the fall of communism in Europe. The only other reason I can imagine for this harsh treatment is that Honduras does not have any oil to sell to the United States. Maybe this cold shoulder is a blessing in disguise. Maybe it is time for Honduras to tighten its belt and start building this country into a nation of pride and prosperity, obligated to no one for anything. We have always been worried about what we say or do, afraid that someone will stop the aid or the hand outs that we have come to depend on so much. We have the land and the natural resources. All we are lacking is the will and the courage to make things work. We must start to look for other trade partners that will not exact so much for their friendship. Maybe we have been holding on too long to the trailing cuff of the pants leg of Uncle Sam. There is always communist China. They will start building huge stadiums and the likes for us. All we have to do is denounce Taiwan. [/private]

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