Wages of Sin

March 1st, 2006
by Alfonso Ebanks


Gustave Doré: Muhammad in ninth circle of Hell

Gustave Doré: Muhammad in ninth circle of Hell

Somewhere in the bible it is written that the wages of sin is death. This would imply that those that do not sin will not die, but we all know that without exception death comes to us all. According to our only source of information we are all condemned to death because of a transgression that took place in the beginning of creation.

When the time comes to die it matters not what kind of person you have been throughout your life, but when that bell rings you must answer. Saint and sinner alike are gathered by the grim reaper and then they are placed side by side in the tomb with no distinction of rank or social order. Death has been an accepted part of life for ages, but it was not a part of living until after the original sin.

When Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden he was taken by the hand and led to a tree that would have gone unnoticed among the thousands of other trees that filled the garden. Adam was then warned that this one particular tree was not to be touched and the fruit there of was not to be eaten. While God instructed Adam, the devil must have been within ear-shot and devil, overheard everything that was told to Adam. Later on, devil would talk Eve into taking a bite of that forbidden fruit.

This ‘unimportant event’ is documented as the first sin and it was that sin that ruined everything, not only for Adam and Eve, but for all the rest of mankind forever. It is said that Jesus Christ came to earth to save mankind from sin, but the sentence was never repealed and man must still die before he can have eternal life.

According to some beliefs every person is considered a sinner from the moment of conception, or at least from the second we are born. This in itself is a great injustice. Adam was condemned without a trial by a jury of his peers and was denied the benefit of proper legal counsel. Even an inept public defender would have yelled entrapment. The real culprit of this case was not Adam, or Eve. The perpetrator of this crime (sin) was Satan.

On the day Lucifer was created, God must have left his crystal ball at home, because God apparently did not look too clearly at the future and did not know what lay ahead for mankind. If God did know what was going to happen, then I don’t think that He should be credited with all that love and all mercifulness.

I always hear preachers yelling about. I believe that for that one crime (eating the fruit) there should have been no more than one punishment doled out. Death alone would have been punishment enough for that little crime.

If the judge was not satisfied with making death the wages of sin, He should have said “the wages of sin is death and mosquitoes” this most certainly would have been enough of a sentence.

Now that we have enough people to form a proper jury I’m calling for a retrial of Adam and Eve and I want to have a couple of Jewish lawyers on their side of the table. Satan must be brought in as a material witness and by his very nature he should be considered a hostile witness. Because he was the inventor of lies and deceit everything he says must be taken with a grain of salt. We must have the original judge sit at this new trial but the judge must be warned that the jury alone will decide whether to convict or to acquit the defendants.

If the defendant is acquitted the old sentence must be repealed and it must be retroactive back through time, and all those that have died because of sin must live again. If we win this case and Adam is acquitted, it will prove that the great one is not infallible and I will go on to demand some democratic changes in the dictatorial system of government that has held power in heaven for so long. [/private]

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