Utila United Behind Worthy Causes

December 20th, 2012
by Gunter Kordovsky

For quite a number of years Gunter’s Driftwood Galleries has spearheaded a fundraiser for poor children of Utila. The community, mostly the expats, has been very supportive of this drive to give our needy children a little treat for Christmas.

The first year I was able to deliver 70 good-sized goody bags to our little tots filled with apples, pears, grapes, candies, cookies, toys and dollies etc… Bush’s supermarket has always been generous and a great help. Utila Dive Center won the trophy as the most generous donor several years in a row. But my thanks also go to all the generous souls who contributed to this very worthy cause.

Last year the Tranquilo Bar (with Brooks and the other owners) did a hair cutting and beard shaving event and auction, which brought a substantial amount of donations into the program. This year we doubled the donations, and they will be split between the Christmas treat and school supplies, as well as other worthy causes to help the needy kids of our community.

As the boxer’s dad told his son, it’s more blessed to give than to receive. Thank God there are people who want to help instead of turning a blind eye to the curse of poverty that plagues this community and this country.

One hundred percent of the donations go the cause. In addition to cash, we accepted in-kind donations, such as toys, clothes, food, treats and school supplies. Gunter’s Driftwood Galleries wants to thank all donors and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Utila Police Station Gets a Badly Needed Facelift

Until recently, Utila’s police station and jail were of subhuman standard. How can we expect the police to protect us from the criminal elements if they are underpaid, with no privileges to speak of, poor housing and lack of equipment?

A group of volunteers who have had enough of the crime in this community decided to help.

After Troy Bodden brought in the Cobras special police unit, who seem to be much more effective than the regular National Police, volunteers donated several thousand dollars to improve the condition of the police station by rewiring the place and improving sanitation. I think it was about time we support the ones who are protecting us.

Our visitors who are bringing in the tourist dollars need to be protected at all costs.

This community has had enough of being victimized and is willing to do something about it, with the help of our new police force.

Low-lives watch out, your days are numbered!!!

It’s time to stand together and show the criminals that if you do the crime you will do the time.

Enough is Enough!!!

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