Utila ‘Fashionistas’
The Island’s Fashion Aficionados Get a Boost

September 10th, 2011


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The fashion runway at the La Pirata bar. Models represented all ages and a variety of body types and ethnicities.

Tee-shirts and dive shorts took a side seat for an evening on August 4, when a fashion show was hosted by Pat and Nelly Flynn at La Pirata bar. The crowd went wild as the beautiful, barefoot models came down the runway.

The outfits ranged from cheeky bikinis to formal dresses and casual beach outfits. The clothes and accessories were also designed and hand crafted by Rachel Lainez and Sylvia, which included bags, feather earrings, and creative necklaces with large precious stones. Many of the outfits were made from recycled materials, called “up cycling.” One unique dress created by Sylvia was made from recycled inner tube tires.

Over 50 outfits were displayed at the event attended by over 300 people.

There were over 20 volunteer models involved in hair, makeup, choreography, photography, and cinematography. [/private]

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The Island’s Fashion Aficionados Get a Boost

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