Utila Celebrates
with Annual Carnival

July 24th, 2013
by Gunter Kordovsky

[private]The annual Utila Carnival kicked off July 16 with the crowning of the carnival Queen and culminated July 21 with the carnival parade and dancing in the streets.

Hundreds of locals and tourists enjoyed a very noisy coronation celebration July 16 in the open space next to the Methodist Church. Girls dressed in their elaborate outfits then paraded through different parts of town on each successive night. On the first night it was Sandy Bay, close to the beautiful Colibri Hill Resort. The second night it was in the open space across from the pool hall in Camponado, one of the newest parts of Utila Town, mostly inhabited by migrants from the mainland. The third night was on the Point, in front of Camilla’s Bakery and the Babalu Bar. Last but not least was Lozano Road, where I had the rare pleasure to be entertained all night with music blasting.

For the parade on the final day, the street was lined with locals and tourists. First came the beautiful horses from the riding stable and did their usual performance. In the first car were the carnival queen and princess, all decked out in their colorful dresses. The second car had the mini queens.

The third car was dedicated to SunJam, the annual techno fest on Water Cay that will take place right around the corner in early August. This was followed by the Utila ambulance and a car from the new cay resort. Alton’s Dive Shop was next, then the golden girls, followed by the always present Borrachos, with their own sound system raised to full volume. Then came the most popular Salva Vida truck bar and Casa Blanca out of Camponado.

Bikini-clad tourists added spice to the annual Utila Carnival.   (photo by Fernando Alfonso)

Bikini-clad tourists added spice to the annual Utila Carnival. (photo by Fernando Alfonso)

A Garifuna group from La Ceiba, in their colorful traditional outfits and dances, added extra spice to the parade, as did the beautiful tourist girls in their bikinis and carnival paint.

Latcho Camponado, the second part of our habitation, built in the swamp on Utila, was car number 12. Then came the very lively school band in their very unique colorful sort of pirate outfits, playing their drums and other instruments to entertain the crowd.

A few golf carts and ATVs closed the parade, but the party went on at several hot spots into the late night. Thanks to the organizers Lloyd and Carlotta M. and all the sponsors who made all that action possible in their untiring effort.

The week before, Troy and Edith Bodden, owners of the Laguna Beach Resort and the former Utila Aggressor, now renamed Caribbean Pearl II, a state of the art live-aboard boat, organized our yearly catch-and-release fishing tournament.

The first prize went to No Way Roatan. Runner-up was Southern Comfort Roatan, followed by Starfish Roatan. In the rodeo division, first prize went to OK Then Roatan, second to Keep N Dry, and third to Black Indiana Roatan.

In the Dori division, Utila cleaned up, with first prize taken by D. Back Utila Cay, second by Miss Jessica Utila Cay and third by Miss Kay, also of Utila Cay.[/private]

Old pro Zorro cought a gigantic marlin, well over 200 pounds, but sold it and got disqualified.

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