Unique Utila

November 1st, 2009
by Patrick Flynn

[private] v7-11-Utila PerspectiveThe people of the Bay Islands in general, have always had a huge political and religious separation. Utilians have been known to take their political and religious beliefs to extremes. In some ways this can be good and in other ways it has proven to work against us. Due to this separation, Utilians have a difficult time agreeing on matters. We are behind economically due to our selfish beliefs. We love challenges, and as a community, we need to work together as a team to improve our way of life and build a better future for our children on Utila.

Utila is the smallest of the Bay Islands and the most unique. My father called Utila, “the flower of the Caribbean,” because it’s true beauty has been untapped throughout time. We are experiencing growth like the other islands but at a slower rate. We lack the transportation connections of Roatan which in some ways has been a blessing, but at other times a hindrance. We have the airport to support local airlines and the ferry to transport our passenger traffic. Utila’s transportation system does not compare to Roatan, but since the mid 1980s we have catered to a different type of tourist.

With the current political situation in Honduras, the Bay Islands have been challenged to find new ways to attract tourists to support their local economy. The people on Utila need to come together as a community, working collectively to become prosperous, and create a positive future for their children. We offer a different venue than the other islands, at half the price, and this is not known to the general public.

Utila offers a level of security not found in other areas. Ladies can walk our streets in comfort at any time with a sense of security. We watch out for our tourists and this has always made them feel at home. Many have returned to become residents, perpetuating our traditions.

We have our challenges, as does every community around the world. These challenges can make our community strong with the right leadership and a vision for the future of Utila. Our children are the future of Utila, and they need our support for a better education.

The community of Utila, will either rise or fall on its leadership. As we look around the community of Utila, how many of our younger citizens have left Utila for a better life in the US or another part of the world? Why did they leave? Has the community of Utila changed?

Today, those people that left Utila in 1960-1980 are known as ex-patriots, making the decision to return to Utila or any part of Honduras. I make this statement, because my mother, sister and I, left for the USA in 1963, seeking a better education. We are products of that generation. The need for a better education is still very evident in every part of our daily life.

We Utilians need to tap into their experience to strengthen our community to become prosperous. A community working together and growing together is a powerful force. [/private]

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