Unfair Nature

October 1st, 2007
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v5-10-Our IslandsMany years ago a French doctor made it his concern to try to determine the physical differences between the human female body and that of the human male. As close as he could figure it, there is only about a five percent difference between the two, to which he commented “vive la difference”! If that good doctor had made a greater effort to understand the real difference and not only the comparative difference of human organs his work would have not been forgotten in time. Creationist contends that man was created from dust but women where made form the flesh and bone of the first man; a much better beginning if you ask me.
Man has known for ages that women were made of better stuff and maybe that’s reason women have mostly been relegated to second class citizenship for eons. There are only a few great women remembered by history. As that French doctor found out, there is not a great many differences in the biological make up of the two bodies but he should have delved into the nature of the human female and his conclusions would have been quite different. One of the most important and confusing differences is the fact that women live longer than men. Most scientist claims that this had to do with hormones and what not but I believe that in the very beginning the life span of men and women were identical, then she invented language and everything changed. Yes, it was a woman that invented the art of using words to express her thoughts, she needed language to gossip and to communicate with her young children in the dark. The usefulness of prehistoric woman continued into her old age because she was needed to take care of the children of the younger women that went on the hunt with their male partners. Prehistoric man on the other hand became useless as he aged and after he used the newly invented language of the women to pass on to his sons the knowledge he had acquired on the hunt, he became a non-contributing member of the clan and very dispensable. It is said that women are weaker than men. And in physical strength this may be so but she has a lot more inner strength and saves herself for the pains of child bearing and such stressful endeavors. Women have other attributes that go unnoticed as well. When compared to man she can stay afloat on water longer, she can starve longer, she can attend to more things at once that we can and she has a much higher threshold of pain that we have. She also has the ability to carry around a fifty pound load of flesh and fluids for months. This load displaces her internal organs in such a way that would probably kill a man. Her heart is pushed into the top of her chest cavity reducing the space she had for her lungs, her liver is pushed in her rib cage, her elastic belly extends to the point that she can no longer see her toes and through all this she can seem cheerful and rarely complains. From that belly she can produce a child that is from 20 to 40 percent of her height and 5 to 15 percent of her weight, fantastic, don’t you think? Women love to beautify things and she plants roses and flowers. She can also make mundane things sound pleasant. She took the word most used to express true sentiment and put it to a whole different meaning because it was a woman that called her adulterous partner a “lover” and the act of having sex she calls it making love but she knows that the one has nothing to do with the other. As a woman ages she loses the ability to bear children but nature keeps her equipment in tip top conditions long after her child bearing age is over. On the other hand as man ages he keeps his ability to procreate but he almost always suffers from equipment failure. That is why women say that men can have sex when they are able to but women can have sex whenever they please. This seems to me that nature has been unfair to men. But the French are right when they say: Vive la femme!. [/private]

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