Truth Universal

September 1st, 2005
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v3-9-Our Islands The fast disappearing of the essence and the value of truth in our modern society is a clear indication of the progressive degradation and the slow erosion of our once held high moral values.

In the times that we now live truth has been relegated to the back burner of the things we once considered worthy of the superior caste and the divine image of the real king of the jungle: Man.

Throughout the ages philosophers and religious leaders from every corner of the earth and from every time period of our known history have been burdened with the task of offering the ordinary person some sort of elucidation as to the true meaning of the word. Even the learned men of our own times have never reached a consensus on its real significance.

So here again I pose the question: what is ‘truth?’ Many words have been written about the subject and I have no doubt that many more will be written in future. In this article I do not presume to answer such an age-old question nor do I wish to detract from anything previously written but I do wish to share my opinion with you.

To some people truth has but one meaning and that is the very simple idea that if it is not a lie then it must be the truth. Those people, even though they are in the majority have never giving much thought to the implications and the disastrous results of a world without the one emblem on which the human race was founded and continues to thrive: TRUTH.

Without truth nothing else in this life would have relevance. It could be argued that truth is either logical or empirical and again it could be said that it is solely a subjective experience, but no matter which of these arguments you choose, there are certain elements of truth that are not reflected in either of the arguments even though all three choices have their place within the ring of truth.

Truth is like a two-edged sword, it some cases it hurts to the bone but at the same time it lifts the soul and frees the spirit. Truth is the everlasting peacemaker and it is our ticket to ineffable peace and harmony. Truth carries passion on its shoulders and an incomprehensible fervency in its heart; it is the extinguisher of false hopes and the gentlest of cures for an unrequited love. Truth builds character in boys and men and if armed with such there can be no goal too high to reach. Let us all remember that unlike the law truth can never be bent and that the pure truth only conflicts with evil.

I dedicate these writings to the youth of today and especially to my two sons: Alfonso and Allen, may they heed my words. [/private]

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