Toni Tedaldi’s

March 1st, 2009

[private] v7-3-Fashion-Toni Tedaldi'sWho & Where From?: It’s Toni Tedaldi’s second day of work at the Diamonds International store at Coxen Hole’s cruise ship terminal, and Toni’s dressed for business. Toni lived in Florida and worked in sales and auction business for a couple decades. But the last time he worked for someone other than himself was in 2000. In 2004 he opened a jewelry and souvenir store in West End with his partner Penelope. In 2005 the couple opened another store in West Bay, but the economy made Toni look for employment at Roatan’s biggest jewelry store.
What & Why: Tony wears a Peter Thomas silk tie – borrowed from Dan Taylor, Toni’s tie-owning friend. Toni actually borrowed two ties from Dan, and has one more. That should last him till Thursday… then… Toni is on his own. Matching the tie, Toni wears a blue, long sleeve shirt by Perry Ellis. “It has a European collar,” says Toni, who got the shirt for around $60. His grey Docker wool blend pants were bought at Atlanta Dillards for $42. To go with his shirt and tie Toni wears Bertini black leather loafer shoes, $125,… with socks. Yes… a diamond store is no place to flaunt bare ankles. “They’re good shoes, they last for ever,” says Toni. His job is to sell jewelry and accessories, and he wears some of his own: a tanzanite and black diamond jewelry ring, $225, and bracelet, $489, bought at Penelope’s Island Emporium, and a Casio watch, $90, from Merchandise Mall in Atlanta. It’s a long way from Merchandise Mall, and Toni now sells watches ranging from $150 to $23,000, the latter price tag buying a Breitling Bentley men’s watch. In his pocket, Toni sports a pen emblazoned with a dollar sign logo purchased at a Florida mall, costing Toni an Alexander Hamilton bill. Last, a store supplied accessory: a Toyo lupe “for checking the quality of any stone or diamond.”
In Conclusion: The question is: once you’ve owned a business, can you really go back to being an employee? Well, we think you can always go back – just as long as you have a tie… or can find a way to get hold of one! “I am a proof that a sixty-year-old person can still get a job,” says Toni. [/private]

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