The Milton Bight Affair
A property marred in dispute is back for sale, while a 75-year-old American retiree flees from La Ceiba prison

June 1st, 2007
by Thomas Tomczyk

[private] The Milton Bight affair has had several more chapters rewritten when Don Davis, an American retiree from Roatan who was convicted of a 2004 murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison, fled a La Ceiba prison.

The entire conflict began in 1999 when Arnold Morris, an American investor, sold a 38-acre Milton Bight property to Davis. After having it surveyed, Davis realized the sale included only 35 acres and refused to continue payments on the property unless the sale price was adjusted. After several months Morris foreclosed on the property and eventually ended up controlling the property that he then sold to Tom Matulas.

Davis tried to get his money, around $250,000, back from Matulas. At one point Matulas had handwritten an agreement promising to pay Davis $250,000 from the first proceeds of the sale of the property.

The Canadian real estate couple of Matt and Margot Halliday were involved in selling the property as lots. Instead of paying Davis first, they decided to pay him at a later date. Davis was upset by this development but had little legal recourse at his disposal. The origin of the dispute between Davis and Morris spilled over to Matulas, his lawyer Roberto Bogran and the Hallidays.

In October 2004, Davis went over to the house of Matulas and shot him in the back of the head. Davis was then placed under house arrest awaiting trial, less than a mile from the Halliday’s home. The real estate couple decided to remain off the island ever since and only periodically visit their real estate business here.

Sentenced to 20 years in prison in fall of 2006, Davis was transferred to a prison in La Ceiba. But while Roatan Preventiva Police managed to keep Davis from escaping from the island for two years, the La Ceiba prison authority couldn’t do that for longer than a couple weeks. In October 2006, Davis faked a heart attack and was transferred under escort to a medical clinic outside the prison. Davis the fled the clinic and was not seen since. “Someone took money for this,” Rubben Barrahona, Roatan Preventiva Chief, commented on the escape. DGIC and Preventiva are again looking for Davis.

During his house arrest Davis married a Pandy Town woman, but it is the Church of God pastor and builder Leonard Dilbert who is managing Davis’ old house and adjacent property. According to Dilbert, Davis sold off these properties before being sent to La Ceiba. Matulas’ lawyer and corporation partner Roberto Bogran is now in control and is trying to sell the Milton Bight property. [/private]

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