The Good & The Bad

July 1st, 2005
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v3-7-Our Islands In these hard times there seems to be a lot more animosity between people who otherwise lived with the appearance of harmony or at least tolerance of each other. Some one once made the comment that -tough times brings out the worse in us all- this statement may be true but it implies that we all are made of much worse stuff than we let be seen and it takes hard times to let it out.

Somewhere along the byways of life we have forgotten that we came into this world with a fundamental dependency on others and before we leave this world we will probably become radically dependent on others again. Considering all things natural and the fact that our years are numbered on this earth, none of us can afford to commit a transgression against our fellow man and should never knowingly exercise our selves in any activity that could be prejudicial to our neighbors.

Most everybody will agree with the above statement and if we are told to examine our actions (past and present) towards our neighbors and to judge ourselves as innocent or guilty in our comportment towards our friends, acquaintances or strangers that we meet, I am sure that most all of us will raise our hands high and proclaim ourselves innocent. Some of us try very hard not to break the written laws of heaven or earth but there are greater laws than those that we are so careful not to break, these laws are not written on tablets of stone or on parchment and vellum they are written on the human heart.

Some people call them our virtues and some call them our conscience; no matter what you call them we should all remember that these rules have been around since man became aware that without fairness he could not structure the families and social groups that were needed to ensure his survival and like it was then as it is now these rules cannot be abrogated by any authority.

In our society there are basically two kinds of people: good people and bad people, and believe me when I say that all the bad people are not in jail and all the good people are not Christians in spirit. We all know the bad people, they steal your gas tank (full of gas) from your boat, they steal money from their mother’s purse and they steal their sister’s gold chains and anything else that can be sold quickly, they do all this to get money to buy crack or some other stupefying substance.

The good people on the other hand would never think of doing things like that, they instead are the ones that purchase the gas tanks and the gold chains from the bad guys at reasonable prices. I know some good people that lend money at a measly 10% interest per month and will lend money (holding things of value as collateral) at a mere 1% per day, some merchants will collect the 12% sales tax on your purchases with no intention of turning this tax money over to the government and those same good people will rob you blind from behind a counter with nothing more than a electronic calculator and merchandise pricing machine and justify it all by claiming that -Business is Business-

Whenever they are questioned about their high prices most of the merchants will say -I’ve got to make some profit-, there is quite a difference between making some profit and making a killing at the expense of your neighbors. In all fairness I must say that there are still a few merchants who conduct business with fairness and consideration these days and I guess we should be thankful that these few still exist.

It seems that most all of us have lost most of our ethics and have little or no conscience left and I believe that we have forgotten that on our trip to eternity we can’t take much with us; maybe we should all be reminded of the old adage that says, “When we go to the tomb the only things we can take with us is the love and kindness that we gave away.” [/private]

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