The Golden Calf

December 1st, 2007
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v5-12-Our IslandsA few weeks ago I went over to the Cay on Bonacco and the church bell was pealing off the nine o’clock hour, the normal time for the start of Sabbath service in the SDA church. The street was filled with people carrying flowers and roses and other floral arrangements. I had never seen this before and I asked if someone had died. A kind lady told me that today was the last day of the Restoration Ministry in the Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist church, and the congregation had decided to pay tribute to the pastor. After all, he had come all the way from Mexico.

I commented that the SDA religion had never permitted offerings in the church to pay tribute to a pastor, the only tribute to be paid in the church was to be given to God. The flower carriers would later say the tribute was to Christ and not to the preacher. I mentioned that Christ had made the ultimate sacrifice and by doing so had put an end to offerings of that nature.

Whatever the reason for the extravagance, it was breaking with the traditional tenets of the religion they were supposed to be members of. The original Bonacco SDA Church and the religion it represents has maintained its credibility by always following a system of beliefs that has been with us since the SDA’s foundation, some one hundred and fifteen years ago. These newest members of the SDA religion seem to be of a more liberal nature, and there is some concern that the lowering of the dress standards and a deviation from the tenets could occur.

We must remember that almost all the members of the Hispanic SDA Church were not born into the SDA religion. Most of them were at one time of the Catholic persuasion. Their previous religion is one of the most liberal and permissive of all the denominations of the Christian faith.

When I criticized the imported pastor I was quickly reminded that I was not a practicing Christian and that I had no right to criticize such a pious person. So I reminded them that when my English ancestors were off to the crusades to save Christendom, his Aztec ancestors were tearing the hearts out of living women and children to appease their many gods. I have been informed that besides the tens of thousands spent on flowers, the good pastor collected over three hundred and fifty thousand in cash for the cause. It is rumored that some people gave up properties and women donated their cell phones and their jewelry.

The bible does not mention anything about cell phones but it does mention the donation of jewelry. On that occasion the congregation, with the help of the chief temple tender, fashioned a Golden Calf to replace the true God of the Covenant. Maybe later that night they played bingo in the basement of the temple. Amen. [/private]

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