Taxi Honesty

December 1st, 2006
by George S. Crimmin

[private] v4-12-Speaking OutRecently while traveling in a Taxi-Cab from Coxen Hole to West End, the cab driver was in a talkative mood. And I have never been someone to discourage anyone from purging their soul.

I was asked point blank by the cab driver if I know why there were so few local Taxi-Cab owners, particularly black ones. I said I didn’t. He informed me this was not accidental, but by design. He claimed that whenever a local person (especially black) applied for a number, those in charge made the requirements so cumbersome, and the cost so inflated, that the applicant would eventually give up.

In some cases they were told outright that there were no more numbers available. The driver concluded by declaring “We” did a number on your people, “We” effectively kept them out. I questioned him in regards to a motive for this action. He hesitated briefly, and then grudgingly admitted that racial bigotry probably played a prominent role. I asked, ‘probably?’ Alright, he said, so race was the main reason for the exclusions. I asked him if I was free to quote him on what he had just revealed to me. He responded, ‘No! And if you do, I will deny every word.’ ‘Why did you tell me then?’- I wondered aloud. ‘Because I just wanted you to know this,’ was his answer.

Well, now the readers of this magazine also know. In the meantime, best of luck to those remaining locals who still aspire to become Taxi-Cab owners. Take heart and courage. Bear in mind, courage is like a kite, an opposing wind only raises it higher.

This revelation really does not surprise me, for the past several years I had heard rumors to this effect. The question is, what now? I recall reading a quote once that went something like this: ‘when confronted with a Goliath-sized problem, which way do you respond: “He’s too big to hit,” or like David, “He’s too big to miss.”‘

I hope that there are still some David type individuals out there willing and able to take on the giant. [/private]

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