Susan Jensen

September 1st, 2009

[private] v7-9-Fashion-Susan JensenWho & Where From?: Susan was born in South Africa, she has lived on Cayos Cochinos (1 year), on Utila (8 years), in La Ceiba (1 year), and on Roatan (9 years). “We were very casual, casual, casual,” says abaut her years on Utila Susan. Today, the self described CEO of the “Jensen Corporation,” a mom of four and wife to Henrik, manages the Yubu Garifuna Experience theme park and is the current president of Roatan’s Women Club. If her presidency is at any risk, it is not because she is considering affiliation with ALBA, but because even if Susan isn’t trying to be the best dressed woman anywhere she goes, she often is. “Shopping isn’t the easiest around here, but when I get a chance – I’ll shop,” says Susan.
What & Why: A blue color top came from one of Susan’s favorite stores- Hollister. Around $45 at a Miami Hollister store. “Its cool and casual, nice quality” says Susan who’s “the favorite store” is actually Guess. Her blue-jeans miniskirt and ‘wedge’ black and white shoes, $140, came from that design store. “If I come back [from a shopping trip] with two-three pairs of shoes, I’m doing good. My girlfriends come back with eight-twelve pairs,” says Susan. Her black leather bag with metal zippers is Benetton purchased in Tegucigalpa mall – $50. Her black, Coach sunglasses, were purchased at a Coach store in Miami, are one of two pairs that Susan owns. “I’m quite good. I don’t go over the top.” The ‘surfer girl’ look is topped with several tasteful accessories. Her Cartier watch, bought in Cayman Islands, was a gift from Susan’s husband Henrik. “Its beautiful. I love it,” says Susan about her stainless steel timepiece. “I’ve lost a couple of wedding rings,” says Susan looking at her three replacement white gold rings. While many women have a problem of marrying and not getting a ring, sometime several times over, Susan has a different issue: she has celebrated her one marriage with additional wedding rings, all courtesy of Henrik.
In Conclusion: Our experience with most ‘fashion police” subjects, is that they overplay their clothes: for them… gold plated is 24 carat, glass is diamonds. Not so with Susan who keeps her profile low. She has learned where to shop and when to dress up. “I don’t like to dress-up too much because its just too much for here.” [/private]

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