Sharon Thomas

November 1st, 2009
by Jennifer Mathews

[private] v7-11-Fashion-Sharon ThomasWho & Where From?: Sharon Thomas, 25, is an artist. Born and raised in Coxen Hole, Sharon is self-taught, her favorite mediums involving conch shells carvings, acrylic paintings, and jewelry. Her work focuses on local scenery such as landscapes, flowers and boats. You can see her work in several gift shops on the island, particularly in West End. Partnering with her boyfriend, jewelry-maker Dennis Meza, on several projects, you can often see their work displayed together. “I’ve always been artistic,” says Sharon, and her love for the aesthetic shows in her playful taste in fashion. At times she supplements her income with restaurant or hotel work, so that she can maintain her regular trips to Guanaja to visit family and friends, or to La Ceiba to shop.
What & Why: Sharon dons a dark blue nylon weave short brimmed hat. “My friend bought this hat for me,” says Sharon. “She knew it was just my style.” The staple and core of her outfit is a practical blue bikini bathing suit, as we met Sharon on an evening boat cruise in West End. The suit was purchased in a centrally located West End shop for $28. Her white with pink stripes spider dress sported several loosely woven back straps and was also purchased in a West End boutique for $25. Her gold fashion sandals, $5, came from the same shop. An old faithful grey speckled blanket was fashionably draped over her shoulders to keep off the chill. Ornamenting the outfit, Sharon proudly wore a queen helmet conch camion necklace on a silver chain that was made for her by her boyfriend. Her earrings of light green jade on silver handiwork, $16, were purchased in the mall in West Bay.
In Conclusion: Sharon’s artistic nature is expressed through her funky, yet glamorous style. Though on an artist’s budget, Sharon manages to create a unique look for only about $75. “I love to wear jewelry,” says Sharon. “I sometimes don’t want to sell my own work. But I have to make it and sell it to live. And I can always make more.” [/private]

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