Selvin Foster

December 1st, 2007

[private] v5-12-Fashion-Selvin FosterWho & Where From?: Selvin Foster, 23, a hairdresser, is not your typical Los Fuertan. Originally from French Harbour, Selvin studied cosmetology for a year and a half at Tegucigalpa’s La Creación. Eight years ago Selvin came back to the island and worked at several local beauty parlors: Nina, Jessica’s and Fran’s. We caught up with Selvin working as a hairdresser at the Fran’s Beauty Parlor.
What & Why: It was a black and white type of a work day for Selvin, who needs to look stylish and efficient for all-day hair appointments. Selvin wears a GAP black, ribbed, stretch tank top–a slimming and elegant choice. It can be found at Taña’s Boutique for Lps. 495. Selvin’s white with black vertical stripes Stone linen and spandex slacks are also slimming, to the figure and wallet: Lps 1,950 at Sue Boutique. In fact, the majority of Selvin’s clothes are purchased at only two boutiques: Sue Boutique in Los Fuertes and Tañas Boutique in French Harbour. Keeping Selvin off the ground is a pair of black Old Navy flip-flops bought at Sue Boutique–Lps. 345 for the pair. In the US Old Navy store the Chinese made flip-flops can be had for $5, while south of the border they receive a hefty 300% mark-up. “I don’t like watches,” says Selvin. Accessories, including bracelets and rings, sometimes catch hair and are inconvenient to wear at work. Selvin’s glass earrings were purchased at Luna y Mar Boutique for $60, again tasteful and not inexpensive. Selvin’s only accessory was sunglasses–$350. Wow! Well, this is what you pay for Dolce & Gabbana. “On the island they think they are expensive and most people go somewhere else to get them cheaper,” says Selvin. Dark plastic, striped frames curve and shape themselves around the face. “Yes, I love spending money on myself,” says Selvin.
In Conclusion: A simple, minimalist, but not inexpensive look takes Selvin to work and places to party: H2O, Foster’s and Mitch’s in Punta Gorda. Selvin likes fashion and doesn’t hesitate to spend money to look good. Selvin is generally loved at Sue and Taña’s. And who wouldn’t love a big spender and good customer like Selvin? [/private]

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