Scouting BI’s Movie Locations

March 2nd, 2012
by Thomas Tomczyk

[private] v10-3-My VoiceThe Bay Islands offer quite the undiscovered movie set locations. So far the islands have provided the set for some defunct reality shows like Temptation Island. A full feature picture could definitely take advantage of some of the island’s great set locations. Here are some ideas about sequels that could find their backdrop amongst the archipelago’s great settings: natural and man made.

1. “The Shining”– Brick Bay Resort, Brick Bay.
The set is truly an amazing place, solid and well designed. Built in the early 1980s as Caribbean Sailing Yachts (CSY) resort, the building was for a long while a hopping-and-bopping place. Now it is a place to abandon your car or sailing boat for a couple years. The only time Brick Bay Resort fills up is during the Semana Santa week. For the remaining 358 days it is pretty much abandoned. Perfect for Jack Nicholson and his scary portrayal of a mad hotel-sit-in: ”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
2. “Tarzan: King of the Jungle”– Guanaja mountain peaks.
Rugged and with almost no visitors, the interior of Guanaja has some wild, wild corners perfect for a movie. The tall peaks of Guanaja offer spectacular locations for the “Tarzan” movie classic. There are some vines to swing on, natural springs and great views toward Barbarat.
3. “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”– The Roatan Hospital.
Patients with all kinds of problems hang out here–from malaria to broken bones to psychiatric disorders (even though the only psychiatric doctor flies to the island from Tegucigalpa once a month to see a dozen patients at Clinica Esperanza). That is about it. Psychological problems among the Bay Islander population are more frequent than on the mainland. The islands have a higher-than-average incidence of depression, suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse and schizophrenia. These disorders are often treated as taboo subjects, dismissed or ignored. When things get really out of control, some schizophrenic patients are flown to Tegucigalpa for treatment at Municipality’s expense.
4. “Midnight Express”– Preventiva Jail on the hill outside Coxen Hole.
Three cells with metal bars separate inmates according to race, with one small cell for women and under-aged inmates. While this is no place to spend more than ten minutes bringing in a gift for a neighbor in legal trouble, it could serve as a perfect place to film “Midnight Express–Honduras.”
5. “Return to the Blue Lagoon”– Don Quickset Bay in Utila.
It’s an amazingly beautiful, basically unspoiled beach with a bit of everything: mangroves, coconut trees, white sand, pine trees, huge washed-up logs. It’s the perfect place to get away from everything, build a shelter and begin your life anew, or film “Re-return to Blue Lagoon.”
6. “Pirates of the Caribbean”– Port Royal, or Cayos Cochinos
Captain Sparrow could park his boat here anytime. There are remnants of a Spanish fort, English gun batteries and if you dig deep enough in the silty bottom of the bay, there are plenty of treasures to discover.
7. “Island of Doctor Moreau”– Utila Town.
The island is full of characters. My favorite time to take a stroll is at 6:00 am when locals gather to gossip. Some have gathered to wind down from their all-night occupations; others are just waking up. As the day progresses more exotic characters venture out, men with macaws on their shoulders, barefoot beauties, wild-uncombed-hair ragamuffins, you name it. And there is surely a character who could play Doctor Moreau.
8. “The Tenant”– Buccaneers Apartments in French Harbour.
The ultimate in apartment living is now an abandoned—or more likely condemned–place. Just a couple years ago it was the coolest place to rent a space and chill. With some work it could be brought back to life, or fitted to accommodate a movie set of the 1976 Roman Polanski psychological thriller.
9. “Deep Blue”– Half Moon Bay.
A free diving competition is coming to Roatan possibly as early as June, and the constant-weight-no-fins freediver and record holder William Trubridge has been scouting Roatan’s waters for the best place to set up the event. While Trubridge can glide down to 101 meters, then turn around and surface on a single breath, he is looking for some specific conditions. The water for the competition should be calm in windy days, not far from shore and deep, real deep. Karl Stanley and his submarine can find depths of 2,200 feet plus just a few hundred meters from Half Moon Bay providing plenty room for record-breaking free diving.
10. “The Day of the Dolphin”– Anthony’s Key.
This science fiction classic would love Anthony’s Key and its resident sea mammals. There are always plenty of dolphins who, as in the movie, appear to speak and understand English. As far as using dolphins for evil causes, well, it’s only a movie. [/private]

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