Rosemarie Dalton

January 1st, 2008

[private] v6-1-Fashion-rosemarieWho & Where From?: Rosemarie Dalton, 68, showed at the Roatan Christmas Gala wearing an eye-turning ensemble… not an easy feat when 100 island women compete for the same eyes. Rosemarie is not a fashion trend conformist but rather blazes away at her own fashion trail. Born in Iowa, Rosemarie grew up in Chicago, worked as an ATT long distance telephone operator, moved to northern California and became a dental assistant. Her last 10 years finds her living on Roatan.
What & Why: Her roughly 30 liter painted-in-marine-theme beach bag, could be an outfit in itself. At the Christmas concert it served as decoration and as storage for some extra shoes, camera, purse, flashlight, cell phone and umbrella, etc. The bag was purchased on sale for $40 at McCaulou’s boutique in Sonoma’s, Rosemarie’s ground zero for shopping. “When I come into the store they just get big smiles. I hardly ever buy full price.” Rosemarie’s black ruffled top by Milano, $25 was also purchased at McCaulou’s. Her black Alfani skirt was purchased during a cruise ship stop in Miami. Her Lioni Payless shoes, $29, have turquoise beads to match the necklace. “I am into shoes, a bit like Imelda Marcos,” says Rosemarie. While a shoe fetish is a punishable offence in the Philippines, on Roatan it helps to make it through the rainy season. “The shoes just fall apart. Here on Roatan, they just rot away,” says Rosemarie. Rosemarie doesn’t stop for anything for niche opportunities at getting a stylish bargain. White lace bolero jacket was a gift… found at the “lost and found” box at the Sonoma catholic church. With the blessing of the Saint Francis Solano Church staff, the bolero was released into good hands of Rosemarie. “It adds elegance to the outfit,” says Rosemarie while playing with her hair.
In Conclusion: A mom to seven children and a grandmother to 13, Rosemarie thinks of herself as “Second hand Rose.” “In my mind I will always be a ‘poor’ little girl from Chicago,” she says. It’s not always easy being that girl, while Rosemarie sports a $1,300 cameo and $300 pair of earrings. Her turquoise and cameo necklace and also earrings came from Stone Castle Cameos in Gravel Bay. [/private]

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