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National Party Prevails in 2009 Elections

As World Watches, Transparency and Strict Procedures a High Priority
Though tensions were high in anticipation of the November 29 elections, the actual day was remarkably quiet. Even on the mainland, only small scale protests were recorded. On the Bay Islands overwhelming sentiment was that the process operated like a well oiled machine..... /December 2009/

The suspense is Over

After six months of waiting and speculations, Bay Islanders have a new, Liberal party governor
At the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa a swearing in ceremony of Arlie Thompson, Bay Islands Governor took place on July 7..... /August 2006/

Ralph Nader of Roatan

Controversial Local Activist Changes Rules of the Game
Rosa Danelia Hendrix is a person that people either love, hate, or a bit of both. Tall, with long black hair, she is charismatic, stylish and dressed in latest Miami fashion..... /July 2006/

Taking Over

Roatan's Mayor Dale Jackson took the oath of office on the Honduran constitution and was given a white ribbon symbolizing his authority in a ceremony at the Outreach Ministries Church in Coxen Hole on January 24..... /February 2006/

Roatan at a Crossroad

The race for Mayor of Roatan, the biggest prize in the 2005 Bay Islands elections, is heating up. It is the mayor of Roatan, not the B.I. Congressman, or the department's Governor, who is the most powerful person on the Bay Islands..... /October 2005/


Sprint For Congress

On November 27 Hondurans will take part in national and local elections. For the Bay Islands congress seat, a veteran Liberal Party politician Jerry Hynds will face a National Party freshman- Shawn Hyde..... /September 2005/

Mr. Tatum

Mayor Eddie Tatum, 37, was born and educated on Guanaja. Before being elected to his first public office as Guanaja's Mayor, Tatum has worked managing his family's dry-dock and freight service businesses. He is married and has two children..... /January 2005/



'My Soul Is Island'

Virginia Castillo's Artful Journey
Just as her art reflects her island influences, Virginia Castillo is a mirror of her own creations: energetic, colorful and full of life. Known by her signature "Virgie", Castillo is one of the Bay Islands' most recognized artists..... /June 2005/

An Artist's Paradise

Many agree that Neil Keller is hands down the best artist on the Bay Islands. The only problem is to agree: what "kind of art" does he practice
"I see myself as a world emperor with a coconut cape," says Neil Keller. Neil loves to exaggerate and his work speaks for itself. Conical roofs, tree houses, bridges and grottos fill every square foot of his man-made garden..... /August 2004/



Alfonso Reader

Alfonso Ebanks, the editorialist, has enchanted Bay Islands Voice readers with his wit and imagination for over three years. Now he proves his storytelling abilities with a series of autobiographical short stories..... /December 2005/

Teaching Teachers English

Bay Islands bilingual instructional program for grade school teachers aims to preserve English, but forgets Guanaja and Utila
Every Saturday 86 students from across Roatan meet at the Jose Santos Guardiola high school to train in becoming bilingual grade school teachers.
.... /December 2004/

Riding Passion

Goals, ideas and thoughts may change throughout the years, but true passion will last a lifetime. At the age of three, Danny McNab began to ride horses at his family's home in French Harbour. "I grew up around horses. ..... /June/July 2004/

Resident Documents For Bay Islanders

On Tuesday, July 22, a Roatan Alcalde meeting was held to elect two people to join Mayor Jerry Hynds in a Bay Island tourism conference in Tegucigalpa..... /June/July 2004/


Social Events

The Good Employer

Bay Islands Businesses Owners Find Creative Ways to Compensate Staff
To some, the term "good employer" may sound like an oxymoron, but not to the employees of businesses throughout the Bay Islands who invest in the development of their staff. Each one of these enterprises has a different way of being a "good employer."..... /May 2005/

Roatan Radio GA-GA

Meet The Island Talk Radio DJ's
Their voices echo through your homes, offices and cars. Their energy greets you in the morning, their music weaves its way through your day and, when you're drifting into sleep, they're providing entertainment for the island's insomniacs..... /January 2004/

Bay Islands Beauty

Danielle Umaña arrived in La Ceiba as Miss Bay Islands and returned to Roatan crowned First Princess of Honduras. Umaña was one of 18 contestants participating in the Belleza Nacional Pageant on November 8, organized by La Ceiba's Eduardo Sabla...... /November 2003/

First Lady Embraces Roatan

On October 4 and 5, Honduras' First Lady Mrs. Aguas Ocaña de Maduro visited Roatan and attended the "Noche de Gala Cultural Isleña" (Grand Night of Island Culture) award ceremony at Juan Brooks School in Coxen Hole...... /October 2003/

Back To Backgammon

Camaraderie gave way to fierce competition as 20 players took part in the West End Backgammon tournament...... /April 2003/

Circus Minimus

Circus Brothers Ponce was established in 1966. From the 11 children that Alfredo Ponce had, seven are a part of the traveling family circus...... /May 2003/

High Times for High Fashion

On Saturday, March 22, Roatan airport welcomed ten models from San Pedro and the United States who came here for the summer Luna y Mar fashion show. The models checked into a hotel and had a few hours to relax before the hectic schedule kicked in..... /April 2003/



Wardens, Consuls, Liaisons, Oh My!

Several Ex-pat Communities on the Bay Islands are Organized around a Warden's system, still most foreigners know, or care little about its existence..... /May 2005/

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