Roatan Moto-Fest 2013
More than 100 High-Powered Machines Invade Roatan for Annual Weekend Rally

June 21st, 2013

Motorcyle enthusiasts are greeted by Garifuna girls in Punta Gorda June 15.

Motorcycle enthusiasts are greeted by Garifuna girls in Punta Gorda June 15.

[private]They came by the dozens; the men, the women and their machines. They came from the mainland. They came from Costa Rica, from Nicaragua and from El Salvador. They came, they saw, they partied.

Sources said 110 motorcycles, more than a million dollars worth of machinery, came over to Roatan on a cargo boat from La Ceiba June 13 for the second annual Roatan Moto-Fest, organized by the Piratas motorcycle club. By Friday they were on the road, like rolling thunder.

Participants – more than three-times the number who took part last year – paid  Lps. 1,000 each to register a bike, with proceeds going to the Little Friends Foundation.

The bikers headed out from West Bay just after noon Saturday, stopped at the Petrosun in Coxen Hole for a beverage break that lasted about an hour, then hopped back on their machines and headed east for a barbecue at Mahogany Bay.

After filling their bellies, they continued to traverse the island, arriving in Punta Gorda for a Garifuna cultural show in the late afternoon, complete with machuca and other Garifuna treats.

The evening concluded with a concert at the Mall Megaplaza in French Harbour, the parking lot of which was already packed with eagerly anticipating music fans at 5 p.m., just as the show was getting underway up the road in Punta Gorda.

Police provided motorcycle escorts for the procession throughout.[/private]

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