Roatan & Bay Islands Interviews


A Race to the Municipal

The Race for Bay Islands' most coveted political leadership position is on again. But the Democratic Unification Party (UD) is posting a candidate that could throw a rod into the spikes of the election wheel...... /Aug 2009/

In Negroponte's Footsteps?

Charles A. Ford began his duties as US Ambassador to Honduras in November, 2005. He joined the U.S. Department of Commerce in 1982 after working for eight years in the private sector and has extensive experience in Latin America...... /April 2006/

Lobo's Way to the Top

An interview with Honduras' presidential candidate- Pepe Lobo
On February 20, National Congress president Porfirio Lobo Sosa defeated Tegucigalpa Mayor Miguel Pastor with 69.1 per cent of the vote to become the National Party (PN) nominee. Manuel Zelaya, former minister of the Honduran Social Investment Fund won the Liberal Party (PL) nomination, beating businessman Jaime Rosenthal with 55.3 per cent of all cast ballots.
..... /November 2005/

Mayor of all Trades

Alton Cooper, 35, is not a typical Bay Islands Mayor. Not just because he wears cowboy boots and drives an off-road motorcycle to work. He is articulate, charismatic and accessible. He has overseen some of the more rapid developments Utila has ever seen..... /March 2005/

Mr. Tatum

Mayor Eddie Tatum, 37, was born and educated on Guanaja. Before being elected to his first public office as Guanaja's Mayor, Tatum has worked managing his family's dry-dock and freight service businesses. He is married and has two children..... /January 2005/

Ministiring Tourism

Thierry De Pierrefeu Midence, 45, was born in Tegucigalpa and studied in France, earning a Master's degree in Finance. Upon returning to Honduras, he joined Grupo Midence, a holding company involved in several Central American countries..... /December 2004/



The Architect of change

Italo G. Tugliani Salazar, 59, is the chief architect of the ZOLITUR (Zona Libre Touristica del Departamanto de las Islas de la Bahia) law. Born in El Progreso, Tugliani moved to Roatan in 1976 to work as a lawyer for the island's first dive resort- Anthony's Key Resort..... /December 2006/

Protecting The Islands

Dr. Jose Guillermo Flores Rodas, 59, holds a degree in BS in Forestry, MA and PhD in Natural Resources Economics from University of Washington in Seattle. In 1975 he was one of the founding members of the National School of Forest Science in Siguatepece. He was the head of the Honduran Corporation of Forest Development (COHDEFOR) between 1979 and 1981..... /October 2004/

Barely Enough Power

Roatan's Energy Crisis
Bay Islands Voice talked to RECO's general manager, Ing. Leonardo Casco about this summer's energy problems.
.... /September 2004/

Adventures in Unpredictabilty

It was an opportunity to be a part of a boy's camp in Tobago that opened Lloyd Davidson's horizons toward the sea and the Caribbean. He became fascinated with the sea, marine life and diving. ..... /April 2004/



Circumnavigating Roatan

In early August Dr. Kevin Cleaver and his stepson Matthew Hernandez, 19, undertook a three day voyage of circumnavigating Roatan on a 16 foot Hobie Cat catamaran..... /October 2006/

Escape To Honduras

Cubans and Americans Agree: Bay Islands are the Place to Be
Enrique, an articulate, energetic thirty-four-year-old man has been lucky. He not only survived the 11 day ordeal in stormy seas, he now has a girlfriend, a job with a construction crew and an apartment in Thicket of Coxen Hole. .
.... /June 2006/

Dr. Worley's Worries

Polo Galindo Clinic in Punta Gorda has survived for the last three years, but over time it had reduced its staff, it no longer offers 24 emergency services and its plan for cooperation with Honduran government to provide community wide health service has practically collapsed..... /February 2006/

Evans on Evans

'Judas Bird' Author Speaks
Born in 1933 in Portsmouth, Virginia, Dr. Evans received his B.S. degree in Geology from Tulane University. He spent several years in the military and eventually started his graduate UC Berkley program at 28..... /July 2005/

Bottom of The Ninth

Brad Warren, 43, comes from Southern California where, for 11 years, he had a career as a motivational speaker. "I realized that attitude is everything and I got tired of being broke," said Warren. In 1999, he participated in several mission trips bringing help to children in Kosovo, Ukraine and Russia..... /November 2004/

Roatan's Timeless Lady

Ms. Candace Wells Hammond is a graduate of North Carolina's Tobi Coburn Girls College. Following her graduation she took a gardening course at Oxford. "To help the plants was my concern at the time," says Ms. Candace. Back in North Carolina, she worked for a landscape business and at one point even ran her own..... /July 2004/

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