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  Events & Happenings in Bay Islands

March Events

Weekly Calendar

March 1: Lobster & Crab Season Ends
March 6: Tentative Island baseball season begin
March 10: 6pm Waves of Art Gallery- 'Roatan Magic' book signing
March 19: Fathers Day in Honduras
April 1: Shrimp Season Ends

VISITING Cruise Ships

March 1: Crown Princess (09:00-17:00) M.B.
March 2: Norwegian Jewel (08:00-17:00) C.H.
March 2: Carnival Triumph (07:00-16:00) M.B.
March 2: Carnival Valor (12:00-19:00) M.B.
March 3: Ryndam (07:00-17:00) M.B.
March 3: Spirit (08:00-18:00) M.B.
March 4: Carnival Legend (08:00-15:00) M.B.
March 8: Crown Princess (09:00-17:00) M.B.
March 9: Norwegian Jewel (08:00-17:00) C.H.
March 9: Carnival Dream (10:00-18:00) M.B.
March 9: Carnival Valor (11:00-18:00) M.B.
March 10: Voyager (07:00-17:00) C.H.
March 10: Costa Atlantica (12:00-18:00) C.H.
March 10: Carnival Glory (07:00-15:00) M.B.
March 10: Spirit (08:00-18:00) M.B.
March 11: Braemer (07:00-18:00) C.H.
March 11: Carnival Legend (08:00-15:00) M.B.
March 15: Regatta (08:00-18:00) M.B.
March 15: Crown Princess (09:00-17:00) M.B.
March 16: Equinox (09:00-17:00) C.H.
March 16: Norwegian Jewel (08:00-17:00) C.H.
March 16: Carnival Triumph (07:00-16:00) M.B.
March 16: Carnival Valor (12:00-19:00) M.B.
March 17: Ryndam (07:00-17:00) M.B.
March 17: Spirit (08:00-18:00) M.B.
March 18: Carnival Legend (08:00-15:00) M.B.
March 22: Crown Princess (09:00-17:00) M.B.
March 23: Norwegian Jewel (08:00-17:00) C.H.
March 23: Carnival Dream (10:00-18:00) M.B.
March 23: Carnival Valor (11:00-18:00) M.B.
March 24: Voyager (07:00-17:00) C.H.
March 24: Costa Atlantica (12:00-18:00) C.H.
March 24: Carnival Glory (07:00-15:00) M.B.
March 24: Spirit (08:00-18:00) M.B.
March 25: Carnival Legend (08:00-15:00) M.B.
March 29: Crown Princess (09:00-17:00) M.B
March 30: Norwegian Jewel (08:00-17:00) C.H.
March 30: Carnival Legend (11:00-18:00) M.B.
March 30: Carnival Valor (12:00-19:00) M.B.
March 31: Ryndam (07:00-17:00) M.B.
March 31: Spirit (08:00-18:00) M.B.


BI Chamber of Tourism: 4pm meeting ever 2 weeks
AA Meeting: 12pm at Sonrise Mission in Sandy Bay.
Behind Seño del Mar: 6:15pm Volleyball
Utila DC’s Cafe Baracuda: 8pm movie, Indian food
Anthony's Key Resort: 6-8pm Live Music & Happy Hour with Kristofer And Kultura Band
Hatha Flow Yoga: 9am - 10:15am at McNab Plaza
Pizzeria Bella Napoli: 7-9pm- Cubetazo night (5 Beers at $6)
The Happy Hour Bar in West End: MCCoy and DominoesTournament


Island Friends Meeting: 6:30 at Plaza Mar
Sunken Fish at Tranquil Seas: 5:30pm- Live Music and authentic Spanish Tapas.
AA Meeting: 6pm at Day Care Center in Coxen Hole.
Mayan Lounge: 7pm Tequila Time night. West End Tel: 2445-4340/41
Blue Marlin: 8:00pm-midnight DJ John with his vast selection of music. West End.
Fantasy Island: 8:30pm, Paul’s Fire Show
The Happy Hour Bar in West End: Ladies Night, Frozen Drink Special


AA Meeting: 12pm at Sonrise Mission in Sandy Bay
Sundowners: 8:30pm: ‘Chase the Ace’ happy hour draw
Turquise Bay Resort: 7pm Karaoke and happy hour
AKR: 5pm-9pm Live Music with Walter and the Band.
7pm Paul’s Fire show
Pizzeria Bella Napoli: 7-9pm- 2 brick oven pizzas and the third at half price
Mayan Lounge: 7pm Caribbean night. West End Tel: 2445-4340/41
Island Saloon: DJ music with DJ Sambula, 9pm-until
The Happy Hour Bar in West End: Fire Dancer Show on the beach1


AA Meeting: 6:30pm at About Roatan Real Estate in Jackson Plaza
Henry Morgan: 10pm-Paul’s Fire show
Utila DC’s Cafe Baracuda: 8pm movie, Thai food
Paya Bay: 7pm Garinago Nights
Land’s End: 6-10pm -Annemarie’s Feast guest chef series.
Mayan Lounge: 7pm 80’s night. West End
Blue Marlin: West End 8:00pm-midnight Mr. John Bailey hosts his famous Karaoke night.
The Happy Hour Bar in West End: Sunset Boat Cruise with free-flowing Rum Punch $30.


Infinity Bay : 6pm-11pm Live entertainment.
AKR: 5pm-9pm Live Music with Walter and the Band.
Palapa Bar, Parrot Tree: Kareoke Night 7pm-until
Barefeet Bar: Live music with Bobby Reiman, 7:30pm-until
AA Meeting: 12pm at Sonrise Mission in Sandy Bay
AA Meeting: 6pm at Day Care Center in Coxen Hole.
Mayan Lounge: in West End Theme parties.
Blue Marlin: 8:30pm-12am West End’s favorite live band “No Harm”.
Slippery Sue: DJ music with DJ Sambula, 9pm-2am
Coco View: 8pm, Paul’s Fire Show.


Catholic youth group: 6pm- meetings at local churches
Catholic Mass in English: 7:00pm West End Bamboo Chappel
Palapa Bar, Parrot Tree: Poker & Domino tournament
Mayan Lounge: 15% off to local residence and cubetazos. West End
Blue Marlin: West End 8:00pm-12amt Local Island Band “Muddy” featuring Lauren playing local island music.
Blue Parrot: Live Music with Bobby Reiman 7pm-until
Island Saloon: DJ music with DJ Sambula, 9pm-until
Las Palmas: DJ music with DJ Sambula, 9pm-2am.


Mayan Princess: 10am- Christian Worship Service
Infinity Bay : 12pm-6pm Live entertainment.
Behind Sueño del Mar: 6:15pm - Volleyball
Bare Feet Bar: Live Music with Jimmy and the Boys, 6pm-10pm
Bananarama: 5-8pm- Live Music, Beach Party, Crab Race, and Island Fire Show with Kristofer And Kultura Band
Palapa Bar, Parrot Tree: Live music, Volley ball tournament & free fry hog
Lighthouse Restaurant: 10am-2pm - Sunday Champagne brunchh

Yearly Honduran and Bay Islands Events:

January 1: New Years
January 31: Shrimp season Ends

February 3: Virgin Suyapa day
February 8:
Island baseball season begin
February 8: Honduran School Year Begins
February 14:
Valentine's Day

March 19: Fathers day in Honduras
March 31: Lobster & crab season ends
March 18: Bay Islands Triathlon

April 2: Holy Week celebrations
April 14: America's day
April 22: Bay Islands Return to Honduras Anniversary
April 23: International Language Day
April (end of month): Jonesville's Pirate's Fair
April 30: John Brooks school's day

May 1: Workers Day
May 14: Mothers Day in Honduras
May 30: End of Shrimp Season
May 30: International Tree Day
May (end of month): La Ceiba Carnival

June 9: Anniversary of Jose Trinidad Cabañas' Birthday
June 11: Anniversary of Jose Trinidad Reyes' Birthday
June 11: Student Day
June 17 and 18: Roatan International Shrimp Festival

July 1: Shrimp season begins
July 2: declaration of the independence of Honduras
July 14: Day of the Honduran spirit
July 20: Lempira Day
July (end of month): Utila Carnival

August (first weekend): Utila's Sunjam
August: Honduran Football season ends
August 1: Lobster & crab season begins
August 3: Honduran flag and race day
August: Honduran National Baseball Championship
August: San Salvador's Fiestas Agostinas

September 1: Honduran Flag Day
September 10: Honduran children's day
September 15: Independence Day
September 17: Honduran Teachers Day
September: Roatan Fishing Tournament
September 17: Teacher's Day in Honduras
September 28: Honduras' Independence Document Arrival Day

October 3: Anniversary of the General Francisco Morazán
October 3: Soldier's Day
October 12: Discovery of America
October 12: Columbus Day and Dia de la Raza
October 13: Honduras' Culture Day
October 21: Honduran Armed Forces Day
October 22: United Nations day
October 31: Halloween

November: All Saints Day
November 14: Honduran School Year Ends
November 18: Ratification of Alfonso XIII decree
November 22: Jose Cecilio del Valle birthday

December: Roatan Christmas Festivale
December 25:: Christmas

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