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Roatan & Bay Islands History

2006 in Review

It's been a busy year for the Bay Islands. The pace of events, development, migtration and everything else seemed to have sped up..... /January 2007/

Swamped in West Bay

Landowners and municipality look for solutions to rainy season flooding
West Bay used to be a natural marshland periodically flooded during the rainy season and with a natural drainage to the sea through a small estuary at the lowest lying point- the North portion of Foster Diaz's property..... /January 2007/

High Hopes for High Education

UTH, Honduras’ biggest private university ends its second trimester of teaching Roatan youths
UTH Roatan campus has been an answer to prayers of students who attended universities on the mainland, or studied long distance..... /December 2006/

Fire Destroys 15 Houses

Fifteen wood and concrete houses in French Harbour's La Loma neighborhood burned to the ground on October 13..... /November 2006/

Practice makes Perfect

In Honduras September is the loudest month of the year. Two hours a day, for an entire month, Bay Islands school children prepare for the 15th of September Honduran independence day..... /October 2006/

The 'Bay of Palmetto' Landing

16 Cubans on a raft ignite the redrawing of the Honduran-Cuban relation
The refugees disembark their boar at Palmetto Bay Plantation. The 19 foot 'El Titano' was welded in on one of the refugees homes that launched in the middle of the night..... /August 2006/

Lights Out Roatan!

Anger and Mistrust of a Local Electric Company Spill onto Streets of Roatan
The June protests against escalating energy prices have been years in the making. Almost from its day of founding in 1992 Roatan Electric Company (RECO) has acquired a poor reputation for its service, management and communications..... /July 2006/

University for the Future

"So many of our students have to go off the Bay Islands to seek an education. And once they have an education they can´t come back because there is nothing here to offer them..... /December 2005/

Elections 2005

Every body knows that in this country we vote strictly according to tradition
Every four years it is Christmas in November when for weeks before elections Bay Islanders are showered with free water, zinc, fried hog and promises of a better future..... /December 2005/

An Unfinished Dream

Duncan's Folly Lingers on in Utila
Utila seems to attract eccentric characters from everywhere. Visionaries, artists and characters have looked to Utila as an escape to make their impact on the world. Some of them succeeded, many failed, but all left a mark.
.... /August 2005/

University Delayed

BIU Postpones Classes for Another Semester
Originally scheduled to resume operation in January, BIU faces further delays in their accreditation process..
.... /February 2005/

When Colors Collide

Novice and Veteran Politicians compete for support as voters voice their concerns about the future of the Bay Islands
The Bay Islands are gearing up for the first vote of the 2005 Honduran election. On February 20, the country's major parties will conduct internal elections to determine their respective candidates.
.... /February 2005/

B.I. University Skips a Semester to Perfect its Image

After four semesters of Bay Islands University has decided to temperately suspend classes to concentrate on fulfilling the remaining requirements needed for its accreditation....... /October 2004/

65,000 and Growing

Bay Islands Voice conducts a study to estimate the current population of Roatan
Every one knows Roatan has been groving at an alarming pace. Yet until now, no one knew the real numbers. Ask anyone on Roatan and you could get any answer: 24 thousand, 35 thousand, 100 thousand, but it will be based on a hunch, not on hard data..... /September 2004/

The Shrinking Park

Utila's only public park - rescued from disuse or a wasted opportunity?
The judging of esthetical quality of an architectural project is subjective. What some like, others find offensive and inappropriate..... /August 2004/

Time to Spare

"Behind the scenes" at the Chinaka circus is a show unto itself
"People ask me if I get tired of the work, always traveling. But how could I become tired? I am in Roatan relaxing," says Chinaka circus owner Erick Ponce.
.... /May 2004/

The Long Journey to the Beach

Much has changed in Latin America in regards to Semana Santa
The celebration has evolved into a beach and leisure holiday. Still, many Bay Islands residents spent the week in reflection and prayer. "Semana Santa is a time to reflect on the life, passion, assassination and resurrection of Jesus Christ," said Coxen Hole's Catholic Deacon Ivan Cortez.
.... /April 2004/

The Coconut Mail

A Hidden behind an unmarked door along the Central Park of Coxen Hole on Roatan, sits the main post office for the Bay Islands. Six other post offices, located in private homes, are located throughout the island. Both Utila and Guanaja boast a Honduran post office as well..... /February 2004/

Roatan Road Roulette

The Hit or Miss Policies of Maintaining Our Roads
Taxi drivers swarm and brake rapidly to avoid the craters that weren't there just the day before. Road accidents multiply and driver frustration builds up.
.... /February 2004/

Roatan Party Central

The Best of the Christmas Employee Parties
The holidays are a time for celebrating and company parties are no exception. For years, local companies have used their annual holiday celebration as a tool to flaunt the year's successes, spoil their employees and build corporate loyalty.
.... /January 2004/

Grin & Bear It
Can Coxen Hole Survive Its Makeover?
Puddles of sewer water mix with raindrops and overflow onto the streets. Mountains of fresh earth and rocks frame the edges of the 10-ft hole in the ground.
.... /October 2003/

And The Band Played On...

16 Coxen Hole Schools March on Independence Day
Students from ten schools and six colleges marched through the tattered Coxen Hole streets for the Independence Day parade. ..... /August 2003/

Small Island- Big Carnival

The morning after is never a pretty sight. Chepes beach, the morning after "Carnival Closing," is no exception. Fresca and Coke bottles dot the beach and a garbage barrel- with the words "Keep Utila Clean" painted on its side- overflows with plastic cups, brown plates and beer cans..... /July 2003/

92 Days of Summer... 17 Things to do With Your Kids

Imagine your child compiling a summer wish list of fun and excitement. Young adventurers would probably include fantasies of swimming with dolphins or plunging down a mountain on a cable swing at top speed..... /May 2003/

Week of Holy Week of Fun

Just a decade ago in the islands the term 'Semana Santa' was only used by Spanish speaking islanders to refer to the period in-between Palm Sunday (Domingo de ramos ) and Easter Sunday..... /April 2003/


The People That Made Bay Islands

The success that the Bay Islands are enjoying today came from hard working and inspiring individuals that founded schools, churches and strengthened their communities. The following are just several examples of the many great contributors to the Bay Islands..... /May 2006/

When Pirates Ruled...

From 1564 to 1631, there were buccaneers and pirates of all nationalities on the Island of Roatan, the first of whom were French, followed by the Dutch and English
How many times have we heard or read in publications that Henry Morgan once operated from Roatan? Not often. .
.... /March 2005/

The Treasure Hunters of the Bay Islands

Treasure Stolen , Hidden , Taken and maybe still more to be found
The Bay Islands are enjoying a real estate boom with record sales. As foreigners eager to bag a piece of this relatively unexplored jewel come in droves by sea, land and air, much of the island's real hidden treasures have already been plundered by people whose names have never been heard of..... /February 2004/

Finding Home Moving On

There are two schools of thought about the origin of the Garifuna, Garinagu or Black Carib people. Both agree that the African people involved were from the area known today as Nigeria..... /April 2003/


Fact or Fiction? Part II

The 10 biggest island myths revealed
As part of our annual effort to tackle the important issues of 'Island Myths' the 'Myth Buster Team’ of Bay Islands VOICE set out to find the 'truth.' Here is what we found out
..... /February 2006/

Fact or Fiction?

The 10 biggest island myths revealed
Stories create Stories. One part of the experience of living on an island is the abundance of gossip. On the mainland, this is sometimes called a small town effect, or in the case of the Bay Islands - a small Island effect..
.... /January 2005/

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

Island families continue their healing traditions
In an age where emerging science drives medical technology, concepts of nature and tradition can be overshadowed. Here in the Bay Islands, generations of knowledge quietly fuels the use of natural medicines and treatments.
.... /October 2003/

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