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Things to do in the Bay Islands

Roatan Activities

Name Location Description Phone photo
BBB Paintball   Set in the rainforest, the VHH-16
Roatan Museum & Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences Sandy Bay Learn about the island's history, or enjoy a dolphin skill show 2445-3003
Canopy Tour West Bay and French Harbour Glide or zoom through rainforest canopy on a 200-meter steel cable from hilltop to a beach 2445-1115
Carambola Botanical Gardens Sandy Bay Enjoy a hike or a picnic at this rainforest garden while watching for birds watching, wildlife 2445-3117
CASS Spanish School Sandy Bay & West Bay Learn Spanish through culture classes on weekly basis 403-8021
Dolphin Experience Sandy Bay Swim, interact and learn about these smart marine mammals 2445-3003
Roatan Butterfly Garden West End Discover 12 different species of butterflies, exotic plants and tropical fruit trees 2445-4481
Iguana Farm French Cay Spend some time at the Farm that is home to over 3,000 iguanas, 200 lobsters, 200 conch fish, tarpon fish and turtles 2455-5114
Glass Bottom Boat West Bay Watch marine life and reef with your entire family, in comfort with a knowledgeable guide 3388-4341
Pirate Tours Port Royal Take a guided tour on the Captain Merrell boat across the bay from Oak Ridge to Port Royal 2435-2576
Diving & Snorkeling Over 15 dive shops located thought the island and excellent snorkeling from the several beaches Some of the more famous island wrecks are Prince Albert and the Aguila.  
Mangrove Tours Water taxis available in Jonesville, Oak Ridge or Calabash Bight Take a nature tour through Roatan's quiet, pristine and magnificent mangroves. 2455-7841
Shark Dive Dixon Cove If regular reef diving isn't exhilarating enough, try diving in a company of dozens of reef sharks 2445-1283
Horseback Riding Sandy Bay, West Bay, West End and Palmetto Bay Enjoy a ride with one of Several horse stables on Roatan that offer rides along beaches and trails 2445-5841
Gumba Limba Park West Bay Something for everyone: monkeys, tropical birds and a museum cave. You can catch and release fish from a pond fed by a waterfall 2445-1115
Sea Shell Carving Gravel Bay Watch artists carve intricate cameos and sea shells at a Stone Castle Cameo
Coral Cay Dixon Cove See a turtle hatchery, a nurse shark or just rent snorkel gear and swim off to nearby coral 9970-9837
Deep Sea Fishing Bay Islands' waters and banks are heaven for anglers on the lookout for wahoos, king mackerel, mahi mahi, barracuda, tuna and marlin 2455-7841
Fly Fishing If you want to wade in the cool waters to try fly fishing, Roatan offers packages in the east end 2455-7841
Cayos Cochinos From Roatan: AKR, Subway Water Sports, Las Rocas or by boat from: Nuevo Armenia, La Ceiba You'll fall in love with the beaches and people of these cays, which is a marine protected area and home to the Smithsonian Tropical Institute 3386-8260
Windsurfing School Sandy Bay Learn and enjoy windsurfing with advanced & beginner lessons and equipment rentals that the school offers 9988-6431
Spa French Harbour When all activities tire you out- a massage or a body wrap at a spa could bring you back to life 9991-0474
Parasailing West End Harness yourself for a better view of the island from a boat-pulled parachute 2445-4335
Catamarans West Bay & Dixon Cove Rent your own or go along on a sailing trip around the shores of Roatan 2455-7841
Plane Charter Roatan Airport If you want to have a bird's view of the island just go on a Cessna 9858-8824
Deep Water Submarine Half Moon Bay, West End Ride in the world's deepest tourist submarine. There is a shipwreck at 2,600 feet to explore & a seamount rising over 2,000 feet 3359-2887
Yübu Politilly Bight This Garifuna experience center exhibits the African-Caribbean community's dancing, handicrafts, traditional activities & food 2455-6713

Utila's Activities

Name Location Description Phone photo
Iguana Research and Breeding Station Take guided tours at the station where iguanas are studied
CASS Spanish School Offers Spanish language and culture classes on weekly basis
Horseback Riding Excellent horseback riding tours on the beach and in the back-country bush 2425-3134
Fly Fishing The island's many lagoons and several lakes are a perfect place to practice the art
Diving/Snorkeling 11 dive shops located thoughout the town and on the Cayos One of Utila's most popular wrecks is the Halliburton and the island is one of world's best sites for spotting whale sharks.
Deep Sea Fishing Anglers can try hooking wahoos, king mackerel, mahi mahi, barracuda, tuna and marlin. Charters are available
Gunter's Driftwood Gallery Look for a sign 50 m west of Mango Inn Displays of resin inlays, wood sculpture, paintings, maps, jewelry 2425-3113
Utila Museum Discover the island's historical artifacts, documents, furniture and antiques 2425-3270
Water Sports Chepas Beach Rent Jet-skis, 2-man tubes, or ride on the 4-person "Water Banana." 2425-3244
Camping at Water Cay Rent a sea kayak, or ask about a charter to visit this uninhabited cay
Kite surfing Chepas beach To kite surf or just watch the adventurers

Guanaja's Activities

Name Location Description Phone photo
Hiking Through Michael Rock Inquire at the airport or at your hotel to arrange your hike On this half-hour hike, you pass two Big Gully waterfalls on the way to the top of this scenic 1,362 feet rock cliff
Bonacca Originally composed of two cays that merged and submerged together, the Bonacca Cay is full of picturesque alleyways and man-made canals. Its 3,000 residents created a little Hong Kong completely built over with homes and businesses
Diving/Snorkeling Guanaja has a unique triple barrier reef and wrecks, including the Jado Trader. Guanaja dive shops are affiliated with local resorts
Deep Sea Fishing Anglers can try the island's abundant fishing waters, troll and hook wahoos, king mackerel, mahi mahi, barracuda, tuna and marlin. Charters are available
Hiking Hike through the national pine forest reserve and discover local fruits along the trails. Try the plentiful sea grapes, coco plums, hog plums, lemons, avocados and bananas. Trails are unmarked, but easy to follow
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