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Roatan & Bay Islands Environment

Protecting the Resources

Treating Black Water

Bay Islands begin to deal with one its biggest threats to its reef and environment
In a 1999 study, PMAID determined that the most damaging factor in the deteriorating of Roatan's reefs is fecal contamination from human waste...... /May 2007/

Taking Out Trash

Local and national efforts come together in a a campaign to reduce the amount of bottling companies' plastics left on Roatan
Semana santa will become an opportunity to begin a national recycling campaign where transparent plastics will be taken off Roatan and an educational campaign will raise awareness of the trash problem on the Bay Islands..... /April 2007/

Mitch's Fiery

Or, how some good people of guanaja faired honduras’ biggest hurricane on record
The Bayman Bay Hotel on the Bay Island of Guanaja in Honduras, Central America was filled to capacity with bored and cranky SCUBA divers after an entire week of troubled waters. Hurricane Mitch had sent an advance warning that she was coming, and the ocean was too turbulent for sport diving..... /May 2007/

The Mangrove Controversy

How many of the mangroves can be cut down before the system's balance tips? No one exactly knows the answer to this question. Yet many people are concerned that that moment is now and with every eliminated mangrove, the Bay Islands reduce their chances at keeping healthy reefs and developing long range sustainable tourism..... /April 2006/

Living Off Garbage

The People That Take Care of Our Waste
Most Roatanians stop thinking about their garbage the moment it is picked up from their front yards. About 50 Roatanians try to make a dignified living from what the Honduran and local governments failed to do- recycle
..... /March 2006/

Marine Park Reorganizes Itself

A new group is in charge of keeping watch over the West End-Sandy Bay Marine Park..... /January 2006/

Wilma's Tail

Bay Islands go through its toughest weather since Hurricane Mitch
As tropical depression Wilma became a record setting 21st hurricane of the season, Roatan got mostly soaked with rain. Wilma set a record for the fastest forming category five storm in history
..... /November 2005/

Saving the Islands From Ourselves

Controversial and extensive new law proposed for the Bay Islands aims to control growth and protect the environment. The manner of doing business and living on the Islands is about to change. Or, is it?..... /October 2004/

Scorched Earth Season

As Roatan swells in population the practice of clear burning land for home sites, pastures, and burning-out weeds spreads..... /June 2004/

A Diver's Labyrinth

The Story of Roatan's Wrecks
Whether interested in history, thrilled by sunken treasure, or terrified of being trapped in small, submerged rooms, shipwrecks have always been appealing to divers and non-divers alike. Around Roatan, the remains of partially sunken ships are common
..... /December 2003/


Nature of the Bay Islands

A Shark Like No Other

On the north side of Utila, a "boil" forms as Bonita tuna swirl and send bubbles through the sea in their corralling of a large school of bait fish. Alongside them, several Utilian diving boats sit in wait..... /October 2006/

The Year of the [Whale] Shark

Between Feb. 8 and Feb. 13, at least a dozen whale sharks and one baby whale shark were spotted outside the reef from West Bay to Palmetto Bay Beach..... /March 2004/

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