Roatan Cargo Boats Missing at Sea

August 1st, 2008

[private] Silver Trader, a 85′ long- 115 tone cargo boat, disappeared while bringing building supplies from Puerto Cortez to Roatan. The boat departed Puerto Cortez at 7am, July 24, on what is typically under 24 hour passage. At 2pm, Silver Trader’s captain Reyniero Zavala, made a last contact with via cell phone with his sister on Roatan and told her about worsening weather conditions.

On July 25, after Silver Trader failed to arrive at her Los Fuertes dock and failed to answer radio and cell contact, a plane and several boats were dispatched to look for the missing vessel. “We are making all kinds of efforts to find out what happened. We will get to the bottom of this,” said Erwin Dixon, owner of the disappeared vessel.

Built in 1992, Silver Trader was converted this year from a Lobster boat and was on her ninth trip from Puerto Cortez. Four crew and possibly passengers were on board the disappeared vessel which is presumed sunk.

Cases of boats disappearing without a trace have happened around the Bay Islands before. In December 1971, French Harbour based boat ‘Nighthawk’ with Captain Darwin Jackson and 11 crew and passengers disappeared between Roatan and Belize. Despite expensive searches no trace of the boat, cargo or passengers were ever found. [/private]

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