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Practicing for Future Glory

A Roatan Football Camp Offers a Chance to Reach for a Dream
For Spring and Summer 2010 there were scheduled more than 180 Milan Junior Camp locations all around the world. There are camps from United States to Australia and this year Roatan became yet another such destination...... /August 2010/

Giant Estrellas Crush Vida

Last Season Winners Dominate their Opponents
Adding insult to injury, the Estrellas fired one last goal attempt, which was blocked by the Vida goalie. The Vida desperately tried for one last free kick for a goal, but were foiled by the goal bar..... /October 2009/ By Jennifer Mathews, Photo by Benjamin Roberts

Not Enough Want

Arsenal finds itself and losses a chance at playing in division I
On a hot Sunday afternoon, around 1,750 people bought Lps. 70 and Lps. 100 tickets to stand behind a chain link fence, an arms length away from their island football heroes. While Roatan stood on the brink of classifying to Hondura's division I, they got plenty of drama..... /July 2007/

On Top of The World

The 2007 Division II trophy belongs to Arsenal. Is division I next?
The Santa Barbara team was heading to Roatan with a tough task of trying to win in the islanders' backyard..... /June 2007/

How Far Can They Go?

Arsenal and Motagua players struggle on a muddy Coxen Hole field
When it's playoff time, it takes more than tropical rainstorms to keep the Arsenal fans away. As the team from French Cay faced the Motagua Reservas, over 450 football followers poured into the Coxen Hole field on November 14..... /December 2005/

Arsenal Storms into Play-offs

Arsenal and Maraton players fight to gain control of the ball
As French Cay faced America Marathon on October 24, hundreds of fans from across Roatan came to support their team's quest to make island history. It came down to this one final game for Arsenal..... /November 2004/

Stars On Top!

It seemed like every inhabitant of Saint Helene sailed into the Los Fuertes Harbour to support their team in the championship final on February 29..... /March 2004/

Arsenal Debuts On New Stadium

On Sunday, January 18, Arsenal welcomed Real Choloma to the first of its home games at its new stadium in Coxen Hole where until recently served as a baseball field..... /January 2004/

Mainland, Here We Come!

Arsenal Makes Football History
After tying Santa Barbara the week before, it had come down to this sudden death match; if Arsenal emerged victorious, they would be the first team in the history of the Bay Islands to become classified in the mainland's Division II League...... /August 2003/


Fishing Tournament

Fish Catching- Roatan Style

Fishing tournament judges made sure all went according to the rules
On September 16 and 17, Roatan once again played host to the popular VI Annual West End Fishing Tournament sponsored by Roatan Municipality. At 6 am the competition begun with a record breaking 43 participants..... /October 2005/

Winning Fish

Crew members of the fishing boat, Pal, stand by their winning 242 lb. Blue Marlin
On the morning of September 16, captains and crew from all around Honduras gathered to take part in the fifth annual West End Fishing Tournament. This year's field of competitors featured 28 vessels, including entries from San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and Puerto Cortes..... /October 2004/

Fishing at Half Moon Bay

It was a room full of captains. On the eve of the Roatan Municipality's IV Annual Fishing Tournament, a crowd of boat owners and crew met in West End for food, drink and the spirit of friendly competition on September 18..... /September 2003/



Doubling the Course

The Fifth Bay Islands Triathlon changes course and opens lanes to long Distance Athletes
The race for the first time in its history featured a double Olympic distance and the eight athletes that signed up for it were in the water first. It was 6:45am. They were about to attempt a 3000m swim, a 80 kilometer bike ride and a 20 kilometer run. ...... /April 2007/

Olympic Spirit Olympic Heart

Second Annual Bay Islands Triathlon attracts 170 athletes from around the world
Jockeying for position in knee-deep water on West Bay Beach under sunny skies with a slight breeze on the morning of March 6, a group of male professional athletes waited for the signal that would kick off the second annual Bay Islands Triathlon. ...... /March 2004/

Herculean Triathlon Try

Crew members of the fishing boat, Pal, stand by their winning 242 lb. Blue Marlin
Jeremy Davis, one of the organizers of the Triathlon, helps Andy Potts to find the exit point at the beach. Potts was leading in the swimming portion of the event but eventually came in third
..... /March 2003/



Roatan Baseball Season Begins

A Mix of Old and New
Last year Kool edged out the Sandy Bay Giants in the final contest of their five game playoff series, then ultimately beat the Sandy Bay Pirates taking the seven game finals series down to the wire as well, beating their opponents in game 7....... /April 2010/

For The Love Of The Game

The Legend of 'Nine Tops' Baseball Lingers On
On the eve of the first National Baseball Championship to take place on Roatan this August, baseball is on the minds of many. The foundation of island baseballers however lie deep, 25 years deep...... /June 2006/

Pirates Take Revenge and Championship

Is Sandy Bay baseball island's best? Well, yes. Two years running.
It was a replay of the 2003 season finale as two Sandy Bay baseball teams met in the island championships on July 18 and 25.
.... /August 2004/

Giants Topple Pirates In Five

After overcoming the rival West End Yankees in the first round, the Giants were pitted against their hometown Pirates. The young Giants showed determination and resilience throughout the series..... /June 2003/

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