Road Construction Underway on East End
At Last, Jonesville Road to be Paved

December 1st, 2009
by Jennifer Mathews


Workers begin construction  on Jonesville Raad.

Workers begin construction on Jonesville Raad.

Construction began in October on the 2km road that leads from the main highway access to the residential section of Jonesville. The project is a joint venture of the Bay Island Development & Construction Corp. (BIDCC) and Professionals in Construction (Pro de Con). Similar to the Punta Gorda road project, this project was an addendum to an existing contract held between these two companies and the central government for road maintenance in Roatan. According to Lynn de Isnardi, Assistant Director BIDCC, the companies are proceeding on their own funds with the promise of contract signatures from the central government. “When the contracts [for Punta Gorda and Jonesville Roads] are signed, we can get paid,” said Isnardi.

Increasing estimates for paving from about Lps. 11mil. to Lps. 17.5mil., an upgrade from the planned double treatment asphalt to more durable concrete was endorsed by Minister Rosario Bonano, President of Secretaria de Estado en el Despacho de Obras Publicas, Transporte y Vivienda (SOPTRAVI). Paving of the Jonesville Road is contracted to be complete in six months.

After waiting for the completion of these roads since 2000, Perry Bodden, Mayor Santos Guardiola, believes the roads will serve tourism as well as increase real estate values. [/private]

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