Redefining Honduras
A Branding Company Produces a New Image and Catch Phrase Campaign to promote the Country

July 1st, 2008
by Thomas Tomczyk


The three Honduran logos.

The three Honduran logos.

The familiar three squares of the “three different worlds,” Honduras brand has been replaced by a logo of a parrot, a parrot-fish and a flower followed by a phrase: “Honduras- Everything is here.” On June 18 at Coral Cay a new Honduran branding campaign was introduced to the public in the Bay Islands. “Its good to change the slogan from time to time,” said Nerdo Bonilla, a Coxen Hole businessman. “We had a few campaigns before. We should pick one and develop it,” said Julio Galindo, president of CANATURH- BI.

The transition from logo to logo has not been smooth. “Honduras Tips,” the country’s twice-yearly official guide, has continued to print on its cover both the Honduran Rooster logo and the three squares of the “three different worlds,” through 2007.

As far as Central America, Honduras came into the tourism branding market late, over a decade after Costa Rican and Belize had fully developed their identity and were pounding the tourists with images of toucans and snorkeling holidaymakers. Honduras began its branding efforts with a logo of a colorful rooster in 1999, and in 2003 President Maduro launched the “Honduras-one small country, three great worlds,” branding campaign.

The current campaign claims to be different. “This is the first time we have had such developed research and studies,” said Karla Malidonio, chief of purchasing at the Tourism Ministry, who has spent the past 11 years at the ministry. The “Honduras – Everything is here” campaign aims at reintroducing and growing Honduras as a tourist destination to the US and Canadian market. In English, the new campaign slogan sounds a bit different: “Honduras-the Central America you know, the country you’ll love.”

Contracted for the campaign is “Ypartnership,” a marketing company based in Orlando which conducted polling of tourists and their perception about Honduras before producing images, slogans and photo shoots. Ypartnership has produced branding campaigns for Disney, Universal Studios, Mexico, and received $170,000 for the project originating from International Development Bank funds. [/private]

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