Pure Party Pleasure
Sunjam 2007, the 11th Edition

September 1st, 2007
by Dr. John McVay


Main stage at the Sunjam (Photo by Steve Dankovich, East Media)

Main stage at the Sunjam (Photo by Steve Dankovich, East Media)

I was talking to my friend, Johnathon, on the morning of Sunjam. I said, “You know, this is the best party in the whole country of Honduras.” And he said, “No, this is the best party in the Western Caribbean and Central America.” Then at the same time we concluded, “Sunjam is the best party on this planet.”

Sunjam Utila, the 11th Edition, took place at Water Cay on Saturday, August 4. As promised, it took everybody beyond the bounds of human experience. The lack of sun couldn’t even slow the momentum of the infamous annual festival of hard-core techno heads. The foreplay started with the arrival of Luis, the methodical, electronic manipulator of minds and spirits, along with his collection of the continent’s best DJ’s. Alfred, the pied piper of party animals, once again proved that the human body and mind could be pushed beyond its physical and mental limits.

In the early morning hours of the 24-hour conscious-altering festival, all reality was gone and the only thing left was Pure Party Pleasure ragging at an orgasmic pace.

On the following day The Coco Loco kept the funky jam going for anybody who wanted one last quickie before returning to earth. The only regret anyone had was that they will have to wait a whole year before they can again experience the best party the world has ever seen.

Thank you, Alfred. Thank you, Luis. Thank you, DJ’s. Thanks to everybody involved in putting Sunjam together. And a huge thank you to all the people that came together to make this event a perfect mixture of human forces which culminated in the climax of the year. [/private]

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