Puppy Love

August 1st, 2010
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] In the life of a young person crushes and infatuations are common occurrences, but it is not until they reach teenage years that they fall in love for real. When I say for real I mean that it is at this age that young men can summons the courage to tell their enamored how they feel about them. From this age on, every time one falls in love it is a love to die for, no matter how many times a month one falls in love.

I was asked recently by a young person if I could give them a clue as to when one knows that they are really in love, and I must admit that as an adviser on matters if the heart I failed terribly but I tried to explain the subject as best I could.

I said to them: “To be in love is the greatest feeling in the world, but it is only great when it’s going well. When it’s not going well it is the most painful of all hurts humanity has been made to bear.”

When a person is in love their spirit soars high above the clouds but only when they believe that the object of their adoration is returning their affection.

Love inspires poets to write great poems and writers to write great sagas and novelists to put to paper stories of great passion and tenderness.

The power of love can turn a lion into a lamb and a great intellect into a babbling fool, and it can create wars between tribes and nations. When someone is in love but their love is unrequited, it is almost impossible for that person to understand that with all the love they feel, how can the other person ignore their burning desire to be loved by that one and only person?

An old adage suggests that to forget one love, one must find another. This sounds very reasonable but in matters of the heart, logic and old adages don’t necessarily come into play. The love that burns inside a human heart is only for that very special person. In spite of its life altering effects, love has its downsides. Love cannot be bought, it cannot be forced on someone, it cannot be demanded of someone and you cannot hold on to it when it wishes to leave. So remember love is ecstasy and love is pain. And sometimes, love is letting go.

In these days of high technology the art of charming a potential partner has come down to a text message on a cell phone. In the distant past it was all about guitar serenades, bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolate candy. I often tell this to the kids and someone invariably says, “Those were romantic times.” I remind them that times can never be romantic, only people can be romantic, because only people can love from the heart. [/private]

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