Promoting Honduran Minorities
A Black Empowerment Organization to Open Doors on Roatan

August 1st, 2011
by Thomas Tomczyk


The workshop at the Methodist Church meeting center

The workshop at the Methodist Church meeting center

A two day workshop organized at the Methodist Church in the Point of Coxen Hole aimed at educating island teachers and civic leaders in challenges of creating a racially and ethnically inclusive society.

The workshop was organized by SEDINAFROH (Secretary of the State Office of the Indigenous and Afro-Honduran People – Secretaría de Estado en los Despachos de los Pueblos Indigenas y Afro-Hondureños), a government organization created in November 2010. SEDINAFROH aims at opening an office on Roatan, but before they can do that the organization wants to identify the challenges facing children and ethnic minorities in the Bay Islands.

While two, of the current 20 Honduras’ ministers are Black, as is Vice Minister of Tourism Cynthia Solomon, some feel that the representation of Afro-Hondurans in Honduras government is lacking. “We feel that Black people are under represented on the national level,” said workshop organizer Kenya Ramirez, chief of the Culture and Tourism group, who run the workshop.

According to Ramirez, there aren’t even an accurate data to indicate how many Hondurans are of African descent. “It is estimated that it could be 10, 15 even 20 percent,” said about percentage of African Hondurans Ramirez. The 2007 Honduran national census did not enquire about the individual’s race, but according to Ramirez, the 2012 census will. [/private]

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