Pirates are Kings
The 2008 Roatan Baseball Season with a Sweep

August 1st, 2008
by Thomas Tomczyk


Pirates Celebrate a winning run that clinched a four game sweep of the Kool.

Pirates Celebrate a winning run that clinched a four game sweep of the Kool.

While Kool and the Gang took the Bay Islands Baseball championship in 2006 and 2007, Sandy Bay Pirates were the team to beat in 2008.

On July 20 Pirates went head to head against Kool at Gravel Bay. The Pirates won the first game 5-4 and the second 12-8. On July 27 the best of seven series moved to Sandy Bay. While the first two championship playoff games were a sign on Pirates dominance, Kool still hand a hope of getting at least one win and moving the game back to Gravel Bay field. A Sandy Bay field and its several hundred fans had been preparing for a show-down. Pirates finished the regular season in number one spot and had their eyes firmly set on victory.

The high action game’s three critical moments came towards the end of the match. A ball hit an electric wire running down left field, then bounced back. The play was called by the empire a home run, and Pirates scored two runs, managing to tie the game 20-20. In the end Pirates pulled out a 21-20 victory in a highest scoring game of the season.

In the fourth game of the series Pirates built up a steady lead and by the bottom of the third were leading 8-2. Kool made an impressive come back in the forth inning. With a weak pitcher, Pirates allowed three home runs on single hits. A fourth runner just walked home with bases loaded. A center fielded was called as a pitching substitute who with his first pitched allowed a double and two runners scoring home. Another pitch later and two more Kool players scored, then another hit made it 8-10 for the Kool. The game was wide open.

Eventually Pirates managed to get their pitching under control, but not completely so. In the sixth inning, Luther Johnson, a 6′-4″ Kool Goliath, hit a triple, but failing to touch second base, had to hurry back from third and to barely make it to second. A hit later, Johnson was rushing home making it 11-8 Kool.

In the eight inning the Sandy Bay field brought more mystery. A ball that seamed to make it over the fence, actually made it thru a fence opening and after celebrating a home run double, Pirates had to settle down for a double.

In the final inning Pirates gathered for a last and final offensive scoring three runs and crossing the home plate in celebration. The game ended 11-12 for the Sandy Bay team.

“We respect the two loses at home, but wee feel that they paid the referee off in the home matches. The sky is still blue,” said D. Dickson, a Gravel Bay second baseman. The refereeing did have some problems. For the July 20 finals three umpires were present and on July 27, two of them were on Utila. The most important games of the season were called by one empire from behind the pitcher’s mound.

Along with the championship trophy, two individual trophies were presented after the game. Ben Walker (Gravel Bay Kool) received an award for the best pitcher and Sherman James (Sandy Bay Giants) received a trophy as home run champion with 11 home runs in 2008 season.

Kool is eligible for a spot in the San Pedro Sula wildcard baseball tournament in August, but there is doubt if Kool will show-up. The team is discontent because all the games that are expected to be played at nigh.

In September the Honduran National Baseball Championship will take place in Choluteca. [/private]

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