Peter Silseth

February 1st, 2008

[private] v6-2-Fashion-Peter SilsethWho & Where From?: We caught up with Peter Silseth, manager of HRGS radio station, on the hard basketball court in Gravels Bay. Two to three days a week Peter heads out to the court located half way (50 meters) between his home and his work place. Looking like a 21st century gladiator, Peter can intimidate other players on the court not only with his basketball playing abilities, but also with his basketball apparel.
What & Why: Peter is wearing a Honduran national football jersey. The Joma shirt was bought at La Ceiba Carrion. “I waited until after the world cup of 2002 because the prices were slashed … half price … less than $20. “I’m a cheapskate,” says Peter jokingly. In fact, you can see Peter playing hoops in any of several soccer jerseys he owns: United States, Honduras, Inter Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid. At a Minnesota “Steve & Barry’s” Peter picked out his pair of black and white athletic Steve & Barry’s brand shorts. “They specialize at having nothing more than $10. This was probably $6,” says Peter. For about a year now Peter has been wearing a knee brace: His black strap-in knee brace, by McDavid, $35 at Sports Authority. His “Walmart Special” sports socks can be had for around $5 for a pack of six. Normally a Nike shoe wearer, Peter sported a blue and white pair of Air basketball shoes bought in La Ceiba for Lps. 400. The shoes seemed to have a spring, rocket-type device in the heel. Peter doesn’t mind a bit of help when going post to post with players half his age. Peter does wear his wedding ring while playing hoops. “Probably this is not legal in a league game, but this is no league,” says Peter. “The ring is not as round as it used to be. It got bashed somewhere … but it works.” In fact it has worked for 27-and-a-half years. This is how long Peter has been married to his wife Sandi.
In Conclusion: Peter comes out to play basketball for three reasons. One: his love for basketball; two: hanging around young guys who keep him young; and three: to have a chance of telling people about Jesus. Peter’s position on a basketball team is “whatever.” “There are no positions out here,” explains Peter. “I like to use cunning and guile because I am too slow now.” While he plays fair, he does have one home-player advantage: when someone fouls Peter, they are actually fouling with HRGS. That doesn’t happen too often as no one wants to hear their name mentioned on the radio the next day. [/private]

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