Payback Time

August 1st, 2008
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v6-8-Our IslandsIn almost all the countries of the civilized world there have been great changes made to laws that relate to the maintenance and support of young children by their fathers.

In one recent televised case a poor fool was obligated by law to provide child support for a child even after the results of a DNA test proved conclusively the he was not the biological parent. I can’t imagine what kind of a court could hand down such a biased decision. At this very moment there a hundreds of men incarcerated for their failure or their inability to pay child support. Others are doing without and living on the edge of outright poverty by trying desperately to comply with child support laws in an attempt to keep from going to prison. In most cases the judges will decide on the amount that a man should pay to his ex for child support solely by the amount of money that the man makes These judges do not want to know what other expenditures a man might have or how many other people (including children) might depend on the support of that person.

I believe that a man should support his young children, but I don’t believe that he should have to stop eating or start living on the street to comply with the law that obligates him to do so. The judges should take all things into consideration before ordering a man to pay any amount of money. The amount should be a fair and reasonable amount based not only on the wages of the payee but also on the age of the child and the needs of the child. The amount should be a partial support for the child and should not be an amount that would put the payee in financial problems. Most mothers that file for child support from their ex’s, do it mostly as way to take revenge on their estrange spouses. These mothers would be completely happy if the judge left the man without a nickel in his pocket. I guess there is not much that a person can do to change these laws but I think that there should be an amendment to the law that would make them more just. The law that obligates a man to support his children should also include a clause that states that for as many years as a man had to support his children for this same amount of years the grown children will have to support their father. I know many fathers that worked their lives away for their kids and as they got old they were completely forgotten by their children. This is where the law would come in and if the children do not provide support for their father then they, (the children) should go to jail. There should also be a law that obligates ex-wives to pay back all the alimony she has received whenever she gets another man not another husband but another man. [/private]

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