Our New Morality:
Anything Goes

February 25th, 2013


Do you know what your children are viewing online? (photo courtesy Bay Area Christian Church, Palo Alto, California)

Do you know what your children are viewing online? (photo courtesy Bay Area Christian Church, Palo Alto, California)

The only way we can come to any conclusions about anything is to compare it to something that is known. We must have a point of reference. Whenever I’m asked to give an opinion on something, I always search my memory for a previous experience to use as a reference point. When I think about the way we live now, the first thing that comes to my mind is the way we lived in the past.

When we talk of change, we usually think of technology. But one important change that is noticeable in our times has nothing to do with technology. It is the new morality we have adopted for ourselves.  Things that in the past were considered unethical, illegal and immoral are now accepted as part of the normal procedures, whether it is a business deal, a governmental transaction or a love affair.  We no longer care how a man got his money, as long as he has it.

Words like “fidelity,” “honesty,” “loyalty,” “dignity” and “sincerity” have all become obsolete, their meanings lost in the annals of time.  We have no compunction about taking or offering money under the table to complete a transaction, no matter at what level of business or government we are dealing.

The minute we stoop to accept or pay a bribe we are tarnishing our dignity and throwing ethics out the window.
Not all things that are unethical and/or immoral are illegal, but most of them should be.

Corruption in Honduras has reached an all-time high and now infects all strata of business and government. This is not to say that corruption is a new malady of the human species; it has been around for millennia.  Francis Beaumont said corruption was a tree whose branches are of an immeasurable length. They spread everywhere; and the dew that drops from them has infected some chairs and stools of authority.

This is undoubtedly true, and none of us can exculpate ourselves from this crime. Just like a cop who takes money to look the other way for a traffic infraction, we too look the other way whenever it behooves us. With our indifference to the corruption going on in government we have become accomplices to that corruption.

Governmental corruption is not the only kind that plagues the human race in these modern times; we have become so complacent about both our own comportment and that of others that we no longer complain about vulgar or corrupt incidents.

We accept everything, and we are passing this attitude on to our children.  Girls as young as 10 are asking permission to have a boyfriend. Girls of 14 are having boyfriends of 24.

Mothers, at 24 there’s no “boy” left in that “friend.” That relationship is unhealthy!

Gone are the times when going on a date for a young girl meant going to the movies, holding hands and eating popcorn – popcorn that had to be  shared with her little brother, who always managed to sit right behind her.

We put television sets and computers in our children’s bedrooms and never bother to check on what they’re viewing. We are corrupting our children. Behaviorally, kids are now stepping out of their baby booties straight into the shoes of an adult. All this we have permitted, especially with our little girls, whom we have sexualized from a very young age by dressing them like adults in short skirts, high heels and make-up. For all this we will have to pay, and if we don’t, then our children will.


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