Nidia Hernandez

August 1st, 2009

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Who & Where From?: Nidia Hernandez, 34, was born at home, delivered by midwife Mirtle Bodden. The oldest girl, she was one of 12 brothers and sisters. “If they can’t make a decision they come to me,” said Nidia. Today Nidia is a business woman and a community organizer. “Anywhere I am needed, I am there,” says Nidia, owner of a party shop in Coxen Hole, “Nidia’s Party Shop.” We caught up with her on her acting stint, right after she performed at Mayoca Lodge, in the second season’s showing of “Vagina Monologues.”
What & Why: Wearing a deep red color dress, by Janice, with black trim purchased at Tañas Boutique for Lps.750. “The Vagina Monologues,” required all the actresses to wear black dresses with a red accent. Her shoes, with red bling-bling décor of the leather straps were purchased at Tienda Mariela in Coxen Hole for Lps. 500. With a cork heel they are “cheap and comfortable,” says Nidia. “I like simple rings. I don’t like anything fancy.” In August 1994, Nidia made a $5 tip as West End first-day-on the job as a front desk person at Ocean Divers, and invested it in piece of silver shaped as a ring. “I still have that ring from that day till today. Wow,” says Nidia, looking at a worn down, seen-it-all accessory. “That was the first piece of jewelry I ever bought in my life. I love it.” Nidia’s more modern jewelry comes from a West End jewelry maker, Noelle Gatti, who custom makes the pieces for her clients according to their favorite color. Her necklace, earring and bracelet pieces were made with crystal with silver inserts… $100 for the set. Her SOHO leather purse was purchased from a street vendor in Coxen Hole. The black and red theme in Nidia’s appearance went all the way through a dress. Her sister Rosemary did Nidia’s hair braiding, in six hours. How did Nidia spend the hours? “I watch movies, I text, I make phone calls… It’s a sacrifice,” says Nidia who still will have to sit through two hours of unbraiding.
In Conclusion: Nidia dressed for her acting part, and dressed well. When Ms. Bederah Prieskop put on the “Vagina Monologues” production she invited Nidia to participate. Nidia decided to do it and her acting début came at Illusions Disco stage at Plaza Mar. Nidia’s ‘Darfur woman’s monologue was a tribute to recently passed Kelly Watkins who originally intended to deliver the monologue. “I had a few experiences myself so I connect,” said Nidia about her monologue of a Darfurian woman. [/private]

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