New Ferry to Guanaja
Guanajans look forward to easier access to the island and tapping into Roatan’s Tourist Market

November 1st, 2007
by Thomas Tomczyk


'Bimini Breeze' at its dock in Guanaja. (Photo Alfonso Ebanks)

'Bimini Breeze' at its dock in Guanaja. (Photo Alfonso Ebanks)

The old “Island Tours” ferry boat from Guanaja to Trujillo has been replaced with a faster and more modern vessel, “Bimini Breeze.” On October 16, the 75-passenger vessel began service that is expected to expand to Roatan in November.

The currently offered two-hour journey between Guanaja and Trujillo costs Lps. 600. According to Donaldo Thompson, who with Espen Tandberg owns the Bimini Breeze, the two hour journey between Roatan and Guanaja should cost Lps. 750. The boat is planned to be based in Roatan’s Los Fuertes across from the stadium, where it would make six weekly trips to Guanaja and continue twice a week to Trujillo.

Guanaja has had a sea link to Trujillo since spring 2006, but attempts to link Roatan and Guanaja proved so far unsuccessful. “It wasn’t a great financial success, but it was a great experience for our staff,” said Thompson.

The key element in making the transport service financially sustainable was the cargo transport. While until now the Guanaja boat served almost exclusively locals, Thompson wants Bimini Breeze to tap into the growing Roatan tourist market. “We received no financial help [to promote Guanaja] from central or local government,” said Thompson, who hopes that the potential of a daily, convenient round-trip to Guanaja will encourage tourists to visit. [/private]

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