New Dock for Guanaja

March 2nd, 2012


The construction work on the Bonacca Cay Municipal Dock

The construction work on the Bonacca Cay Municipal Dock

While Utila’s Municipal dock is crumbling and Roatan’s Municipal dock has never been rebuilt since the 1990s, Guanajans are putting their efforts into replacing their old, beat-up dock with a new one.

The Guanaja Municipal dock is very important to the island and to Bonacca Cay, being used by boats that need to deal with local port authorities and by three freighter boats running to La Ceiba port.

The last Guanaja Municipal dock, constructed with wooden uncured pylons, didn’t last long–around six years. The new steel and concrete dock will be 50 feet longer than the old, at 250 feet long, and have 26 feet at its widest point.

The project is financed by ZOLITUR (Lps. 5 Million) and Guanaja Municipality (Lps. 1.3 Million). The building contract was awarded to White Sands Development Company which began work in September 2011. The work is expected to be finished by end of March. [/private]

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