Nelly España de Flynn

October 1st, 2009

[private] v7-10-Fashion-Nelly España de FlynnWho & Where From?: Nelly España de Flynn, 39, is originally from La Ceiba. Graduating college in 1987, she had a chance to visit Utila for the first time. “I loved the island from the start,” said Nelly. On her next trip to the island Nelly met her husband, Patrick: “We fell in love from the first time we saw each other.” They were married two years later and the couple moved to the US. Five years ago the couple returned to Utila to manage the La Pirata bar and now also manage Munchies and hotel La Pirata. In 2008, Nelly helped in organizing Utila’s Carnival and Patrick acted as the event’s president. Nelly is certainly no novice to fashion, she modeled for Carrion stores and won fashion shows in La Ceiba. She even won Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest in Florida and Hawaii in 1997. She has been asked to coach models in Honduras on how to dress, walk, and prepare for contests.
What & Why: Her silk button down top with golden dots was purchased for $50 at the Bebe store in New Orleans, Louisiana, where Nelly and Patrick previously lived. Beige cotton Banana Republic pants came from the Banana Republic store, $80. Nelly’s wore fashionable 9 West sandals with dark and light brown leather straps, with a practical heel for comfort, embellished with a silver buckle, $70. Nelly’s good taste in jewelry centers around her rings, all of which have sentimental value. One is her wedding ring, another was a gift from her mother when Nelly was eight years old. The two other rings were gifts to herself. “I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so I don’t spend a lot on it,” Nelly admits. “When I do, I like to buy something that will last me forever.” While Nelly likes sapphires and diamonds, she rarely wears expensive jewelry on the island. Nelly is carrying a 9 West purse from the mall in La Ceiba – Lps. 2,300. “I didn’t even look at the name of the shop,” laughs Nelly. “I just saw the purse and I liked it.”
In Conclusion: Nelly’s smart fashion sense is not just an expression of self, but an expression of her life and her work. She not only wears fashion, she lives it. “I can’t dress up all the time in Utila, but when I do, it makes me feel good,” said Nelly. “People come to La Pirata to see how she’s dressed,” adds Patrick to the conversation. “Yes, but it’s not a competition and it inspired other people to work out and be healthy,” says Nelly. [/private]

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