Natalie Forbes

May 1st, 2011

[private] v9-5-fashion-Natalie ForbesWho & Where From?: Natalie Forbes, 25, is a schoolteacher and community organizer. Natalie has been studying education in Trujillo and now teaches in La Ceiba. The youngest of four sisters, the Coxen Hole native is full of energy, quick wit and piercing insight. We caught up with Natalie at the Roatan Music Festival where she was interviewing artists for Garifuna Magazine, a New York based publication.
What & Why: For Natalie the theme color of the evening was the yellow. Her leather coach bag- yellow, was purchased at the Tegucigalpa Hanna Banana store for Lps. 1,000. Her BCBG three inch heel shoes with several straps- also yellow. “I splurge on shoes and bags,” says Natalie who refused to discuss the price tag of her shoes. “They make me look 4′-6″,” said Natalie. Her gray dress with pockets and flower patters was a purchase at Tanya’s boutique – Lps. 1,000. “I like flowing dresses that accentuate my derriere,” she says with a smile. Her bustier, also yellow, peeked from behind the dress. Her earrings, with an arabesque pattern, were a gift from one of her students, Ana, whom Natalie is teaching at Lighthouse school in La Ceiba. With no rings on her fingers all attention was focused on her metallic clustered bungles. “I like simple, monotone but chunky jewelry,” says Natalie. The bungles were a gift from her Boston friend Betty Lopez.
In Conclusion: Natalie doesn’t hold back when speaking her mind and at 4′-3″ can even be a bit intimidating. “Springy, fun and flirty,” described her fashion style Natalie. Her dress brought out what she was all about. “I am simple with a splash of color.” [/private]

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