Myrt Tugwell

March 1st, 2008

[private] v6-3-Fashion-Myrt TugwellWho & Where From?: We caught up with Myrt Tugwell, 70, a Golden Gloves Louisiana champion boxer in 1962, 63 and 64, as he was about to hit the dancing floor of the Parrott Tree grand quinceañera party. Myrt came to Roatan in 1999 to do some diving. He liked the people, built a house and after three weeks decided he was way overstressed in the US. “Shoot. I quit,” told himself Myrt, then sold his car parts business, a factory in Mexico, and a distribution center. “I was a nervous wreck before I came here and I am not going back.” Myrt has been happily married to a successful Tegucigalpa attorney – Edith Diaz, for five years.
What & Why: “I like to wear new shirts,” says Myrt… and doesn’t like that fresh, out of the wrapping feel of a new shirt?. Myrt however has circumvented the entire “wait till your old shirt gets torn or yellowish” phenomena and every times he wears a tuxedo shirt – it is new. “Tux shirts don’t cost that much. I will stock up on them once and again,” says Myrt. He gets the “disposable” tuxedo shirts for 14-$15 a pop at a Tegucigalpa Carrion. Black Golden button jacket was purchased at Cohn Turner in Button Rouge, Louisiana. The New Castle & New York jacket is a cotton blend, looks great and can be had, if you know Myrt’s haberdasher salesperson for $250. His black neck-tie, while finishing the upscale look, set him only $5 back. Black, leather sandals, they seem like a perfect cross between casual island and formal. Myrt used them to their limits rocking and rolling on the dance floor at the quinceañera party at Parrott Tree. This pair of Tomy Bahamas was picked up at a Dallas shoe whole-sale store for $250. “They look kind of beach-e.” Completing the look are white, linen trousers. “I wear them one time then I have them sent to Tegucigalpa to a laundry,” says Myrt.
In Conclusion: Dapper and very much James Bond Like, Myrt goes for the working look: it is either tuxedo and black tie, or shorts and a tee-shirt. You are just as likely to see him clearing bush with his machete or mingling with Tegucigalpa’s financial elite. “If you don’t look like you wear expensive clothes they don’t talk to you out there,” explained the Tegucigalpa social scene Myrt. Myrt can dress as expensive as he wants or needs to, but deep down, he is a down to earth Louisiana boy. [/private]

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