Ms. Veronica Jackson

April 1st, 2012

[private] Fashion Ms. Veronica JacksonWho & Where From: We caught up with Ms. Veronica Jackson, 68, at the Roatan airport where she sells her hand embroidered original shirts. “I’m an original Roatan girl,” says Ms. Veronica. “We went to have private education in people’s homes. This is where I learned to read and write in English. Mildred Conner was one who taught me.” After graduating from sixth grade Ms. Veronica went on to study for six years to San Francisco, Atlantida, to be a school teacher in the 1960s. She taught at Coxen’s Nicolas Villeda kindergarten, then at Frederico Canales school on Utila. Overall, Ms. Veronica taught school for 20 years and hopes to receive her first retirement check this year. Meantime, she supports herself by embroidering and selling her products to airport passengers. “On Monday the Canadians are coming. They make a lot of noise … ‘buuuu’ and they don’t buy nothing,” explains Ms. Veronica about why Monday is the only day she doesn’t sell her embroidery at the airport. “Americans are my best customers.”
What & Why: For her airport work Ms. Veronica wore a white cotton shirt with a collar. “These are my style of clothes. I wear clothes with collars, with sleeves, and with pockets… because that is where I put my money. I don’t use pocket-book [bags],” said Ms. Veronica. The shirt was purchased for Lps. 50-60 from a visiting saleswoman. “White is my favorite color, because white matches everything.” She sported a brown gabardine, pleaded skirt with large, 8-by-11-inch button-down pockets. “You have to be plain and natural. What I really need is a watch … [My watch] was old and it fell in the water,” said Ms. Veronica looking at her ankle-long skirt. “I keep one always on hand. I have this one and a gray one.” Ms. Veronica also wore crocodile-patterned black shoes with metal adornments. “My size foot is hard to find. Honduran shoes are too hard, too troublesome,” Ms. Veronica tells it like it is. “They don’t make big sizes for big feet,” says Ms. Veronica about her size 11, narrow. The 200 Lps. shoes were purchased from a lady at Coco-View.
In Conclusion: Ms. Veronica is modest with her island style. “My mom was a seamstress and she taught me how to cut and how to sew.” With one daughter Mary-Lyn and five grandchildren, Ms. Veronica still provides and watches over her first three grandchildren. “I am a single mother. I work hard, because that is the way you survive,” says Ms. Veronica. [/private]

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