February 1st, 2007
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v5-2-Our IslandsMotherhood is without a doubt the most common traumatic event in the lives of human females. And in spite of its commonness among women it is still a unique experience for each and every woman. It is an experience shared by the commonality and the upper classes alike. Motherhood has been lauded and revered from the beginning of time and I’m sure that in the beginning it was looked at more as a miracle than what it really is; the natural consequence of sex between a male and female animal. This description of motherhood can be applied to all species of animals no matter what species or what group they belong to. I am of the opinion that it is much too easy to become a human mother.

I think that motherhood for a female human should involve more participation of the mother to be. In other species the female and the female alone decides when and where she will become impregnated and some species can delay birth (even after being impregnated) as much as two years or until conditions in the environment are right for her to deliver her young. This postponement of birth is mostly brought on by the scarcity of food. The human female has no such control over her own body. As a matter of fact a woman can be made pregnant from a casual sexual encounter (casual sex?) or from being raped and even while she is unconscious.

To me this is a completely unacceptable process. The human female should have more control over the whole process of conception.

A woman without the aid of unnatural contraceptive material (that she forgets to use) should have the final word as to when she will become pregnant. Our society’s attitude towards an unwanted or out of wedlock pregnancy has changed over the last few decades, but the one thing that has not changed is the male’s attitude towards a woman that he has made pregnant. If the male has no emotional ties to the woman he sees the pregnancy as a self inflicted condition. The male will often make his feelings known with comments like: She should have taken care of herself. With this statement he then absolves himself from the situation as if the woman could have impregnated herself.

In almost all animal organisms, reproduction occurs during or after the period of maximum growth. In the human animal, this could be anywhere from 15 to 17 years old.

In these modern times not all females have to wait this long before they are ready to reproduce but according to specialist on the subject, women under these ages are not physiologically ready to have a baby.

Unfortunately the body never consults the brain when it comes to matters of this nature. If the human female had some kind of control over her own body there would be no need for abortion clinics and women would produce kids that were wanted and only when the parents had the resources that would guarantee that all the child’s needs could be satisfied. Then maybe twenty seven children would not be dying every minute of every hour of every day of every year. [/private]

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