Monty Graham

December 1st, 2009
by Jennifer Mathews

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Who & Where From?: Monty Graham, 32, grew up in Moss Bank, Saskatchewan, Canada. He holds certifications in Commercial Diving and Professional Diver Training. He worked for three years as a commercial deep sea diver in Malaysia for Kasel Salvage and 1.5 years as a parasail captain, on Coco Key, Bahamas, and Labadi, Haiti, for Royal Caribbean cruise lines. On his second day visiting Roatan, he was hired by Coconut Tree Divers, first as a freelancer, then fulltime. Since, he has been working with Will Welbourn to develop the Roatan TEC Team, one of the only schools certified to teach TEC diving in the Bay Islands.
What & Why: Monty’s kit begins with two 80 cubic ft. Catalina tanks on a 200bar manifold, a Dive Rite double redundant BCD wing attached to a back plate and harness, two 1st stage DINs, two 2nd stages, two low pressure inflator hoses, one high pressure hose and SPG, 50lb lift bag, and 100ft reel. The whole setup would cost $1500 new, but through savvy shopping, he paid about $800, closer to wholesale. Each of his two decompression cylinders (one high O2, one low O2), contains a DIN valve, one 1st stage, one 2nd stage, SPG, and tank strap, $350 for each stage. His dive “clothing” consists of a 5mm Pinnacle wet suit with thigh pocket, $300, and IST ProLine 5mm gloves (with the fingers cut out), $20. Mares fins were purchased from the West End Mares shop, $40. Accessories include a Citizen Cyber Aqualung NX dive computer, $400; VR3 Multigas Decompression Computer, $800 (from eBay); wrist slate, $15; Riffe mask, $80 (ordered through the website), and multiple carabineers and clips, $30. His Calgary Flames board shorts are “priceless,” as well as his thrift shop glasses, and Coconut Tree Divers TEC shirt.
In Conclusion: Monty knows his gear and is dressed for action. His fashion and technical sensibilities will most likely help to take him far professionally. “Two months into being here,” said Monty, “I knew I would help to make TEC diving what it is today in the Bay Islands.” [/private]

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