Maricella Welcome

June 1st, 2010
by Jennifer Mathews

[private]v8-6-Fashion-Maricella WelcomeWho & Where From?: Maricella Welcome, 21, was born and raised in West End. The oldest of four sisters, five in the household including her mother, Maricella had a lot of “girl time.” She trained her younger siblings in the ways of beauty and fashion. A perfect combination of brains, beauty and dedication, Maricella is an enthusiastic student of International Business Management at UTH. She has been attending classes for 1.5 years on weekends and weeknights and absolutely loves her classes, all this on top of a full work schedule as General Supervisor at the Silver Sun in the Mahogany Bay Cruise Center. As busy as she is, Maricella could not be happier. Silver is a personal passion. “Working in a silver store is like working in a candy store,” she remarked.
What & Why: We met up with Maricella in her place of work and the conversation about her fashion sense began with, of course, her jewelry. Her ring came from Silver Sun, $116, and is a combination of enamel, sterling, and zirconia in a thick heart mold. Her earrings are a gift for her birthday and are rectangular cut zirconia set in sterling silver and placed in a diamond pattern of four. Her square faced Fossil watch with silver band was purchased at Eldon’s Duty Free, $89. Maricella’s exquisite jewelry accented a casual outfit, for the perfect definition of classy. Her green cotton shirt was purchased at Malibu in the French Harbour Mall MegaPlaza for Lps. 100. Her Angel Premium jeans came from the MegaPlaza in La Ceiba for Lps. 750. Her plaited silver and grey strap sandals came from The Bless, Lps. 450. Her hair and nails are always a part of her outfits and she maintains herself in simple, classy straightened hair, practical clear fingernails, and dressy toenails.
In Conclusion: Maricella’s fashion sense is a “soft island style,” tasteful and elegant. Her style is as completely well-rounded and balanced as her life, her confidence, her endeavors, and her enthusiasm for everything that she does. [/private]

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