Marcia Papuzet Villera

December 1st, 2006

[private] v4-12-Fashion-Marcia Papuzet VilleraWho & Where From?: We cought up with congresswoman Marcia Papuzet Villera as she was departing Roatan after an all night session of Congress. Marcia has bee married for 22 years to a TV producer Jose, and is a mother of four children: 21, 16, 12, 4. She studied Business Administration at Loyola College in New Orleans and has worked in politics for 16 years, before running for congress as a Liberal party candidate. On November 28 she raised her hand to make Bay Islands a free zone. “I love politics, but most of all I love to serve my people,” in a society where you could do that.
What & Why: “I love buying things made in Honduras,” says Marcia, who found her unusual headwear, a red baseball hat with white daisies, at her friend Bianca’s store- ‘Blanche’ in Tegucigalpa. While the hat is more assembled than made in Honduras, it is nevertheless a great fashion accessory at Lps. 600. “Whenever I see something different I buy it,” commented Marcia. Her red flowing top, was purchased at a Zara store in Mexico, for a nifty $27. Her long white embroidered skirt, was another purchase from Mexico, at a ‘Made in Mexico store,’ for an affordable $12. “Sometimes I like dressing in long skirts, and other times I like to dress sexy. If I know I am going to a party I will dress really funky,” explained the Francisco Morazan legislator. The flip flops studded with silver circles, were a Nine-West purchase from Marcia’s trip to Spain- $25. Her purse, a brave $900 purchase, was found at a Luis Vitton store. It’s a purse that can go with anything- an attribute you just can’t spend enough money on. “What I like to spend money on is purses and watches,” said Marcia, showing her gold and diamond studded Rolex – a gift from Marcia’s mother-in-law Tina. Marcia wears a fair amount of jewelry, but two pieces stand out the most. One is a white gold bracelet studded with diamonds. Another Honduras original was Marcia’s encrusted wood bracelet, with images of Virgin Mary, holy child, and several saints. It was a blessing to be found at a catholic relics store in Tegucigalpa- Lps. 40. “In this dress I am wearing I feel more romantic, so I feel free,” says Marcia.
In Conclusion: Fashion has become a secret weapon of choice for this Liberal legislator. Marcia stands out in a crowd of Honduran, or for that matter any, legislators. She is setting a trend that is not easy to follow. Barely ten months in office, this fresh Congress woman, is already a fashion leader for both her Liberal and National partners. “In this congress, they are making a bit more effort in how they dress. They feel there is a bit more competition,” says Marcia, who believes that some congress people made some adjustments to her style of being. “I like to hug people. I am very expressive and I like to tell people how much I love them,” says this feisty Tegucigalpa politician. “That is not usual in a political environment.” [/private]

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