Lourie Bodden

March 2nd, 2012

[private] Fashion Lourie BoddenWho & Where From: It is great to have your mother supporting you at the science fair, and if she is the best dressed mom in school, that can’t be all bad either. And on February 27 Michelangelo, an ESBIR 5th grader working on a science project about parachutes had plenty of support from his mom Lourie Bodden. “I own my own businesses,” said Lourie: “Pizzeria Bella Napoli in Sandy Bay and Shark dive with Sergio. But I mostly dedicate my time to my two kids: Michelangelo and Massimiliano,” says Lourie while attending the 23rd annual student’s science fair at ESBIR.
What & Why: Lourie’s leopard black and gold skin pattern scarf was purchased in Naples, Italy. Her orange, linen pants were another Napoli find. Her black elastic tank-top blouse was Lps. 150 at the La Ceiba Carrion. Two inch high leather flip-flops by Michelle Mia were purchased at the La Ceiba mall for Lps 400. Lourie picked up her XoXo watch on Amazon.com for $20. “I just saw it on-line, I thought I would like it and I bought it,” says matter-of-fact Lourie. The gold earrings studded with colored glass, Lourie purchased herself, but no longer remembers where or for how much. “I have lots of gifts, but I don’t have them on today,” says Lourie.
In Conclusion: “I decided to have something motherly-figured,” nonchalantly described her presence at the science fare Lourie. It is great to see parents attending their children’s school events. It’s even better when they wear just the right clothes to the occasion. Lourie has certainly accomplished that: looking confident, relaxed and supportive – a perfect school mom for her two boys. [/private]

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