Lisa Weiss

January 1st, 2009

[private] v7-1-Fashion-Lisa WeissWho & Where From?: Lisa Weiss, 61, describes herself as “a Swedish girl lost in the jungles of Roatan.” Lisa and her husband Michael come from famous families of furriers. They met in Stockholm where Michael came do his fur-trading apprenticeship. “It was practically love at first sight. It took a week,” Lisa tells of Michael. In late 1960s they moved to Vermont to begin an organic farm: Apple trees, organic horses, cows, etc. “We were completely self-sufficient,” says Lisa about the 35 year-stay in Vermont. Lisa has looked for her small piece of paradise in Latin America for 12 years: in Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala. Along with Michael she has come to Roatan in 1990, built their home outside of Crawfish Rock and begun farming. After several misadventures on the island they decided to leave for Panama, but soon returned after two years.
What & Why: We caught up with Lisa at a dinner party at Palmetto Bay Plantation. Her spectacular party attire was bought on a 2005 sojourn in Hanoi, Vietnam. This dress looks stunning. The 100 percent silk, black and red dress, is a typical female attire in this South-East Asian nation. A house shaped and a star black embroidery pattern is the main decoration of the dress that goes along with red silk long pants. Both were hand tailored and custom fit. With five black buttons on each side, the dress is cut open on both sides to allow for ventilation. “It’s very Vietnamese,” says Lisa. “It was $18, but in Sweden it would be $200.” “I am an expert at getting a very good deal for my money,” says Lisa. “Most people think I pay ten times more then what I do. Anything over $10, I look twice at.” Her heart shaped ametite earrings were passed on from Lisa’s mom Aassy. Lisa’s slippers by “Classified” were purchased in Panama for a very affordable $5. The earrings were originally purchased by Michael at a jewelry maker in Vermont in 1980 for around $30.
In Conclusion: Lisa probably has the only Vietnamese dress in the Bay Islands. “I also like my Scandinavian clothes… they just fit me better,” says Lisa. Bay Islands is indeed a perfect place for a fashion fusion. [/private]

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